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Portfolio Shake Flashlight with Compass is a small tool which can turn on or off LED light by just shaking or flipping over and show a direction of north, south, east and west. Shake Flashlight with Compass can be used in anywhere and anytime you need a Flashlight, and as a real Compass at where you want to go. Shack Flashlight with Compass has some features. - It supports wide range of devices with LED Flash. - Runs on Boot Complete. (Get started automatically on mobile reboot.) - Adjustable shake/ flip sensitivity limit. - Adjustable flashing time limit to save the battery charge. - The LED Flash will not turn on accidentally when you are walking or picking up the call, or when mobile is in pocket. - Simple to use, use it like a real compass. - It’s completely Free. Please feel free to leave your feedback and rating if you have something to say on using it.

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