Keylogger that records keystrokes and matches up strings in a virtualstringtree


I need a keylogger that allows me to record keystrokes,

now those keystrokes must be combined to form strings that match up strings in a virtualstringtree.


if i type ?php it records the keystrokes ?php and shows up all nodes in the virtualstringtree all nodes that have ?php in a specific column

It must also be able to match intuitively like this

if i type ? php it obviously isnt going to recognise ?php but if go back 4 spaces to ? and continue on from there eg. ?php then it will still match.

So no matter how many mistakes i make i can still go and fix it up and it will recognise it.

When i press space i want it to recognise that it has to starting a keylogging again with nothing logged.

eg. ?php my

so because i typed in ?php and then typed a space then followed by m

it knows it looking for abbreviations have only m in it (full matches, not partial matches pls) then if i continue to type a y after it, it would match 'my' (full matches)

my nodes look like this

type PNodeData=^TNodeData;

TnodeData= record


Contents : string;


abbreviation : string;


how i go through all the nodes

Node : PVirtualNode;

Data : PNodeData;


Node := [url removed, login to view];

while Node <> nil do


Data := [url removed, login to view](Node);

if [url removed, login to view] = 'such and such' then


///do somethign here.


Node := [url removed, login to view](node);



Any quesitons pls do not hesitate to ask.


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