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Research Writing is a highly sought after skill in various fields. It is a type of writing that involves deep analysis and examination of the data and facts to get to a meaningful conclusion. A Research Writer, armed with the right professional skills, provides research support by collecting data from various sources, carefully selecting the content for their projects, and editing and proofreading their final drafts. They are experts at finding reliable sources of information and presenting it in an organized, concise, and clear manner.

Here's some projects that our expert Research Writers made real:

  • Manufacturing detailed business plans for technology-based products
  • Analyzing literary works with pinpoint accuracy
  • Translating specialized concepts into written masterpieces
  • Crafting captivating magazine articles
  • Compiling comprehensive research papers on a variety of topics
  • Editing medical documents to adhere to high standards
  • Generating well informed essays on English drama
  • Rewriting existing documents to fit the customer's need

Research Writing is an effective tool to bridge the information gap and bring forth ideas into paper. With's experienced professionals from various fields and academic backgrounds, you can make sure your projects reaches its intended purpose effectively. Post your project now and find the perfect Research Writer for your requirements!

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    Como abogado puedo brindar asesoría en diferentes áreas del derecho Colombiano. Elaboración de documentos como estatutos, actas, contratos civiles, contratos comerciales, acuerdos de transacción, cláusula de confidencialidad, cláusulas de exclusividad, asesoría den legislación tributaria nacional e internacional, derecho de familia, laboral, contratos laborales y contratos de prestación de servicios, contratos de arrendamiento.

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    Ojo, estoy buscando investigadoras que vivan en Venezuela, eso es muy importante. Estoy buscando un profesional para que me ayude a refinar el protocolo de mi investigación doctoral. El apoyo que necesito se centra específicamente en mejorar las secciones del marco teórico y la metodología. Responsabilidades clave incluyen: - Proporcionar orientación y recomendaciones para mejorar la estructura y el contenido del marco teórico y la metodología. - Revisar la metodología existente y sugerir mejoras. - Asegurar que el marco teórico se alinee con los objetivos de la investigación. También requiero: - Sugerencias para fortalecer el marco teórico existente. - Correcciones y ediciones exhaustivas para hacer que ...

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    Estamos buscando un editor de vídeo para vídeos tipo Quiz de Poppy Playtime y Critters Sonrientes para vídeos de 10 minutos. Requisitos: - Edición de Vídeo - Consumidor de contenido/Jugador de Poppy Playtime

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    Buscamos Editor de vídeo y locutor con voz energética para vídeo Quiz tipo Adivina el Personaje de 10 minutos. Requistos: - Voz energética y divertida - Experiencia en Edición de Vídeo - Hablante español nativo Se valorará mucho: Ser un apasionado consumidor de videos de YouTube, especialmente de contenido como Critters Sonrientes, Zoonomaly, jugadores de Roblox, memes y mantenerse al día con las tendencias en estos nichos. Si solo eres editor o locutor, también puedes apuntarte. Por favor, comparte tu portafolio junto con tu solicitud.

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    I'm looking for a registered company valuer who can assist with the valuation of my unlisted private limited company. The valuation report will be used for the purpose of allotment of shares under private placement. Key Details: - Industry: My company operates in the sector of turnkey and construction projects. - Financial Performance: Our recent financial performance highlights significant revenue growth and profitability. Ideal Freelancer: - Registered company valuer with experience in valuing private limited companies. - Strong understanding of the turnkey and construction projects industry. - Proficient in assessing financial statements and identifying key indicators of growth and profitability. - Previous experience in preparing reports for share allotment under private placeme...

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    I have an assignment that requires writing a research paper of approximately 2250 words. Currently, I have written around 2000 . I need someone to edit and revise my paper and make the necessary changes to reach the required word count. Additionally, I believe some sections, particularly the conclusion , abstract and future research directions, need editing and improvement. I will provide a sample and reference to guide you in making these changes. -please note that no use for any AI tools at all - note I need it after 4 days”

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    I am seeking an accomplished biostatistician with proven experience in both designing and analyzing data from clinical trials. The primary focus of the trials revolves around vaccines. With a two-fold objective, the project seeks to assess both the efficacy and safety of the vaccine in question. This includes but is not limited to monitoring adverse effects and evaluating overall success rates. Ideal candidate should be: - Proficient in conducting statistical analysis pertinent to vaccines - Able to effectively design robust and reliable clinical trials - Experienced in working with vaccine-related trials - Cognizant of the latest advancements and regulatory standards in the field of vaccine trials.

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    I'm in need of a professional who can create a set of marketing documents to promote our cybersecurity services. Key Tasks: - Developing a Brochure: This document needs to succinctly introduce our services and the importance of cybersecurity to the target audience. - Crafting a Whitepaper: This should delve deeper into the benefits of our services, and the broader importance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape. - Writing a Case Study: An engaging, success-story driven document showcasing our past work and the impact it had on the clients. Key Messages: - The Importance of Cybersecurity: It is crucial that the documents thoroughly convey the significance of cybersecurity in today's business environment. - Benefits of Our Services: The documents should highlight ...

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    I require assistance in identifying potential international grants for educational expenses. This project is focused on benefiting parents of students who are seeking financial aid for their children's academic fees. Key tasks include: - Researching available international grants that parents can apply for their children's school expenses - Compiling a list of such grants including the key information like eligibility criteria, application processes and deadlines, and the grant amount The ideal freelancer for this job would have a background in education finance or scholarship research, with excellent research, analytics, and report writing skills. They should also be capable of delivering accurate and up-to-date information. Knowledge and understanding of international educa...

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    I am looking for experienced construction professionals who can provide assistance with the construction and execution phase of my single family house project. In more detail, I need someone who can: - Oversee the construction process ensuring that it is in accordance with the drawn plans - Coordinate with sub-contractors - Ensure adherence to local and national building codes - Stick to set timelines and budget The ideal candidate for this role would have hands-on experience in construction of single-family homes, superior project management skills, a thorough understanding of building regulations and most importantly, a keen eye for detail. Please note: having a valid license as a general contractor or a similar role will be an advantage. If you can demonstrate similar project ex...

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    I'm looking for a talented case study writer with a strong background in healthcare. The project's primary goal is to demonstrate the impact of a specific product or service. I expect applicants to showcase their experience in this field. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in creating impactful case studies within the healthcare sector - Strong understanding of healthcare products and services - Ability to communicate complex information in a clear and engaging way - Detail-oriented and can deliver high-quality content on time Your application should focus on your past experience creating case studies and any relevant healthcare-industry experience.

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    Academic Researchers 6 días left

    Am looking for academic researchers in all fields. You must be professional and holding phd

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    I urgently require an expert in GDPR and International Law. Key Requirements: - Mastery in International Criminal Law and Human Rights Law - Ability to provide prompt, accurate counsel - Strong understanding of relevant global legal frameworks - Experience in handling urgent, high-stakes cases Please note the urgency of this project. I expect immediate availability and quick turnaround times on any tasks you are assigned.

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    O trabalho é categorizar e mapear a documentação técnica e imagens de alguns produtos. Eu dei uma contada por cima e é mais ou menos essa quantidade aqui: Papel para sublimação: 17 Rodos: 31 Filmes: 32 Emulsão: 18 Tintas: 503 Produtos químicos: 62 Coloquei todos numa planilha divididos por essas macro categorias, mas precisamos entender as subcategorias dentro de cada uma e procurar a documentação técnica e imagem de cada produto (cerca de 700). É um trabalho bem manual, de pesquisar no Google e preencher planilha e eu estimo que a pessoa levaria uns 3 dias para concluir, se ela ficar focada só nisso. Eu vou dar todo o apoio e explicar certinho a linha de raciocínio pra quem pegar.

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    I'm in need of a professional who can create engaging and informative PowerPoint presentations for a university-level academic module. Key Requirements: - Text-Based Content: The project will involve converting complex academic concepts into clear, concise text-based content. - PowerPoint Presentation: The content will be delivered in the form of visually appealing, well-structured PowerPoint slides. - Academic Level: The target audience for this content is at the university level, so an understanding of advanced academic writing and terminology is a must. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Academic Writing: A background in academic writing, especially at the university level, will be highly beneficial. - PowerPoint Proficiency: Experience in creating engaging and informative Po...

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    Are you ready to kickstart your journey towards becoming a future business leader? Our internship offers a unique opportunity to: Job opportunity: - Brainstorm and Launch: Collaborate with the CEO to innovate and launch new ventures. - Strategic Planning: Assist in driving company growth with strategic action plans. - Project Management: Own projects, learn project management skills firsthand. - Operations Oversight: Gain insights into operational excellence by overseeing daily operations. - Reporting and Collaboration: Enhance communication and problem-solving skills through active participation. Benefits: - Direct Mentorship: Learn directly from the CEO. - Duration: 1 year. - Certificate of Completion: An official certificate that proves your skills. Exit Options: - Option One - C...

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    I'm in need of an experienced financial vetting professional with a strong understanding of the economic environment in Burkina Faso. Specifically, I require a comprehensive risk assessment for businesses in the region. This will involve a thorough analysis of the financial stability, compliance with regulations, and potential risks associated with various businesses in Burkina Faso. Your work will be instrumental in helping me make informed decisions regarding potential partnerships and investments in the region. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth risk assessment for businesses in Burkina Faso - Identifying financial stability and compliance with regulations - Highlighting potential risks associated with the businesses Ideal Skills: - Strong background in financial analys...

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    I need a freelancer to create two graphs for an economic analysis I'm working on. The graphs should represent key economic concepts and use market research data. - I need a supply and demand graph based on Market Equilibrium, Elasticity of Demand, and Price Determination. - The data used for these graphs will be from market research data, so familiarity with interpreting this type of data is key. - The final deliverable should be in a Word document. Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of economic principles, specifically Market Equilibrium, Elasticity of Demand, and Price Determination. - Proficiency in creating graphs and visual representations. - Experience with interpreting and incorporating market research data. - Proficient in delivering work in a Word document.

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    Professional CV and Cover Letter 6 días left

    Details have already been shared

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    I'm looking for someone who knows how to write literature reviews. This is a structured and critical analysis of the main concepts related to a subject and a problem. In my case, I'm looking for someone to write a literature review on the subject: 'Gamers' perception of digital assets launched by luxury brands within video games and the metaverse', and the problematic is: 'How do gamers perceive digital assets launched by luxury brands within video games and the metaverse? I'm looking for a structured, critical analysis of the literature (books, academic or scientific articles) on this subject (MINIMUM 20 academic or scientific references).

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    Custom Report Creation 6 días left

    Hi I will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

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    I need assistance in creating an elaborate organizational structure for a sport organization. The structure involved should incorporate 4 or more levels of hierarchy. Key responsibilities include: - Crafting an extensive system of hierarchy with clearly defined roles and responsibilities - Creating and setting up an effective line of command, supervision, and communication - Ensuring efficiency and smooth operations of the organization through a well-organized structure Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in business organizational structures - Experience in designing layered hierarchical systems - Knowledge of sports organizations preferred - Excellent communication and decision-making skills.

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    I am an individual who needs assistance with GST registration. This is my first time registering and while I'm keen to begin, I'm not entirely sure of the document requirements. The ideal freelancer for this task would be: - Knowledgeable in GST registration rules, regulations, and processes, especially for individuals - Experienced in guiding first-time individual registrants in the GST process - Able to provide a comprehensive list of documents required for GST registration and assist in compiling them. -Registering GST for drop shipping in amazon Your role will involve taking me through the entire GST registration process, from understanding document prerequisites to walking me through the submission process. If you have the necessary skills and expertise, I welcome your b...

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    Hiring Versatile Academic Writers 6 días left

    We are hiring experienced and versatile writers (females preferred) for long-term projects with backgrounds in business, finance, engineering, statistics, mathematics, nursing, education, and English Literature. We need highly adaptable writers who can handle a range of styles and subjects. Please answer the following: 1. What is Your highest education degree and subject? 2. How many years of academic writing experience do you have? 3. What referencing styles have you used before? 4. What is your area of expertise / which subjects you can handle? If your application is accepted, you will be asked to show your previous work samples. Please note that this procedure will follow an unpaid sample test of around 200-250 words. At this stage, our offer will be AUD 14-16 for 1000 words or equ...

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    I'm looking for a talented and experienced writer to help put together a compelling proposal for investors. The company I represent is involved in two specific business verticals, which I will provide details about during our discussion. Generate a Proposal to Investor for a company in the two business vertical : Software Development in Financial Sector & Risk Management Service that is Cyber Forensic (Cyber Forensic Investigation , Digital Forensic Product selling and Forensic Lab Setup) and Cyber Security (Auditing, VAPT, Security operation Center(SOC) ) . It should Market Research , Future Prediction , Estimating Costing etc which are required by the proposal Reference material will be provided This project is of immense importance to our company, and I'm seeking a fre...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled and experienced writer to assist me in completing my thesis in the field of Humanities. The project entails the creation of a 25,000-word "Findings" chapter, a 15,000-word "Results and Discussion" chapter, and a 5,000-word "Conclusion" chapter. Analyzing (Phase 1): 18 interviews, (Phase 2) 8 reflective essays by using Nvivo program and Brune & Clarck six-step thematic analysis Key elements of the project include: - Thorough understanding of the Humanities field and related academic writing conventions. - Ability to conduct in-depth research and synthesize information into coherent, cohesive chapters. - Strong academic writing skills, including an understanding of proper citation and referencing. As the project is in the ...

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    Tech CV Update for Job Application 6 días left

    I need a professional CV writer with experience in the technology sector to update my CVs. The primary purpose of this update is to enhance my chances in job applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of updating CVs for candidates pursuing job opportunities in the technology sector. - Understanding of the current trends and requirements in the tech job market. - Ability to tailor CVs for a mix of entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level positions. - Excellent communication skills to gather relevant information from me and translate it into a compelling CV. It would be great if you can provide samples of your previous work in the technology industry. Please also outline your process for updating a CV for multiple levels of positions.

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    I am seeking an experienced Wikipedia expert to create a comprehensive and professionally structured Wikipedia page (English) for my company to establish our credibility. The page should include the following sections: - Company history - Product/service overview - Milestones - Leadership bios This task is time-sensitive and needs to be completed as soon as possible. The ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency with Wikipedia guidelines - A proven track record of creating high-quality Wikipedia pages - A deep understanding of corporate presentation on the platform - Auto-confirmed user status to publish pages Payment will be contingent upon the successful publication of the page.

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    I am seeking a comprehensive meta-analysis of previous research that evaluates the positive effects which occur when an asset class that was previously private in nature subsequently becomes listed and tradeable on a public exchange. Ideally, there will be a number of demonstrated benefits that surface from existing research studies and papers, most notably showcasing a substantive increase in the available supply of the asset after migration into the public markets. The ideal candidate for this task will be a Ph.D. student (or post-doctoral individual) in Economics or Finance, with a deep understanding of capital market sand financial economics, qualified in research and having previously performed meta-analysis research projects.

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    I operate in the manufacturing industry and I'm seeking a skilled technical writer to develop a quality manual detailing our production process, quality control, and maintenance procedures. Ideal applicants should: - Have experience in manufacturing procedures documentation. - Possess strong attention to detail to ensure the accurate creation of procedures. - Understand the unique needs and operations of a small manufacturing facility (less than 50 employees). The final deliverable should be a comprehensive manual that covers every aspect of our production line, from machine operation to quality control measures and routine equipment maintenance. This is crucial for maintaining consistency, preventing failures, and ensuring our manufacturing facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

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    We require the services of a local individual in Jinan, of Turkish or Azerbaijani descent, to assist us in testing our health management device. You'll be visiting our company's location to perform this task in person. A valid ID is mandatory for security reasons. Key Responsibilities: - Testing the device for approximately 15 minutes to provide feedback. Ideal Candidate: - Resides in Jinan, Turkey or Azerbaijan. - Proficient in English. - Comfortable with health-related devices. - A professional attitude and ability to provide detailed feedback. Your task is to wear the device for a short period and provide your feedback on its user experience. It is crucial that you can communicate your thoughts in an articulate manner. This task is expected to take approximately 15 minutes....

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    I'm currently in need of a compelling product description that's detailed enough to highlight key features, but not overly verbose. It's for selling purposes, so it has to be persuasive in nature. Key requirements: - To-the-point: The description needs to be concise, getting right to the heart of the product's value. - Features-focused: While I don't want it to be too wordy, the description should clearly outline the product's features. - Persuasive: It's important that the description is crafted in a way that encourages potential buyers to take action. I'm looking for a writer who has experience in crafting product descriptions that convert, preferably for eCommerce or online retail platforms. Quick turnaround time is also important - I need this ...

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    I am in need of a professional with significant experience handling and valuing steel square tubing for a resale project in Romulus, Michigan. - Your task will be to thoroughly inspect 452 pieces of steel square tubing. - This inspection should focus on determining their value for resale. - A comprehensive understanding of steel materials and a detailed eye for potential flaws or damage that could impact the resale value are crucial. - Experience with structural assessment and repair evaluation is also desirable, although this project focuses primarily on resale value. This project requires a blend of hands-on inspection ability and industry insight to accurately determine these items' resale value. Your experience in handling similar industrial materials will be beneficial.

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    I am in need of a professional with significant experience handling and valuing steel square tubing for a resale project. - Your task will be to thoroughly inspect over 50 pieces of larger sized steel square tubing. - This inspection should focus on determining their value for resale. - A comprehensive understanding of steel materials and a detailed eye for potential flaws or damage that could impact the resale value are crucial. - Experience with structural assessment and repair evaluation is also desirable, although this project focuses primarily on resale value. This project requires a blend of hands-on inspection ability and industry insight to accurately determine these items' resale value. Your experience in handling similar industrial materials will be beneficial.

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    Retail HR Manager Needed 6 días left

    I'm in need of an HR manager who can handle various HR tasks for our retail organization of 1500 employees. Key Responsibilities: - Recruitment and hiring: You'll be responsible for managing our recruitment process and ensuring that we hire the right talent for our retail business. - Employee onboarding and orientation: You'll take charge of the onboarding and orientation process for new hires, ensuring their smooth integration into our company culture. - Performance management: You'll design and implement a comprehensive performance management system to help drive employee productivity and engagement. - Succession plan: Developing a succession plan to ensure continuity in key roles is an essential part of the position. - Authority matrix and Job description: C...

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    I'm looking for a skilled tax professional to help me with my current year Individual Tax Return (ITR) filling. I am a resident for tax purposes and have income sources from freelance or independent contractor work. Key Responsibilities: - Assist me in understanding the tax obligations associated with my freelance or independent contractor income - Accurately complete and file my Individual Tax Return Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in filing individual tax returns - Strong knowledge of tax laws and regulations pertaining to freelance or independent contractor income - Excellent attention to detail to ensure all income is accurately reported - Ability to provide guidance on minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing deductions.

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    30 Technical Papers Writer Needed 6 días left

    I'm looking for a skilled technical writer to assist me in creating 30 detailed papers on various engineering topics. Here's a detailed breakdown of what I need: - Subject Matter: The papers will all be focused on the field of engineering, AI, Cybersecurity, and Observability, so a background in this discipline is crucial. - Depth: I need each paper to go beyond just an overview and delve into the technical specifics and data analysis. - Format: Each paper should include an abstract and introduction, methodology and results, as well as a discussion and conclusion. Ideal candidates should have experience in writing technical papers, particularly in the field of engineering, and should be comfortable with the level of detail and research involved. A degree in engineering or a rel...

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    I'm in immediate need of a curriculum developer who can help me create engaging and effective content for professional development and academic online classes. The curriculum will be specifically tailored to cover the following areas: - Professional development - Academic subjects - Health Care and Nutrition TARGET AUDIENCE: The content will be designed to cater to a diverse audience including: - Teachers and educators - Professionals in specific industries - Students - Everyone or adult learners KEY DETAILS: - Each online class or session is expected to be between 30-45 minutes in length. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in curriculum design, particularly for online environments. It's essential to be able to create engaging content, and to tailo...

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    I'm seeking an expert in SPSS to conduct exploratory data analysis on a scientific research dataset. The results will be used for further in-depth research and publication. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong working knowledge of SPSS - Proven experience in exploratory data analysis, especially in a scientific context - Excellent data visualization skills - Ability to write clear, concise and insightful reports The deliverables for this project will be graphs and charts, which clearly illustrate the patterns and trends in the data, and a written report detailing the findings. The report should highlight any key insights and implications for future research.

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    I'm looking for someone to develop two white papers centered on various aspects of mobile security. The content should specifically analyze: - Mobile malware prevention - Secure mobile app development - Mobile device security These white papers should be written in layman's language, since the intended audience is the general public. The ideal freelancer for this project should possess: - In-depth knowledge about cybersecurity and mobile technology - The ability to write high-quality, compelling, and understandable content on complex security topics - Prior experience in producing white papers or extensive, research-driven content. Your bid should include your proposed timeline for each paper and samples of relevant work completed. Looking forward to potential collaboration...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can help me with the statistical analysis and logical reasoning sections of a numerical and critical test. The task involves: - Aiding with statistical analysis: This may include a variety of statistical methods depending on the exam content. I need someone who can explain these concepts in a clear and understandable manner. - Enhancing logical reasoning skills: The second part of the job involves helping me to develop and apply my logical reasoning skills. The test usually contains less than 20 questions, and my primary goal is to prepare for an upcoming exam, including improving my test scores. I'd appreciate a tutor who has a knack for teaching, as well as expertise in the subject matter. The ideal candidate should have experience w...

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    I'm in need of someone who can assist my church with a few key areas. ACCOUNTING SERVICES: - The primary focus will be on tax planning and preparation. - You should be well-versed in tax laws and have experience with nonprofit organizations to ensure we're maximizing our tax-exempt status. GRANT WRITING ASSISTANCE: - While I haven't specified a particular project, I'm also interested in exploring grant writing opportunities. - If you have experience in securing grants for churches or other nonprofit entities, that would be a huge plus. The ideal candidate for this role would be someone who has experience with church finances and operations. Your assistance will enable us to better serve our community and fulfill our mission.

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    I am an IT consultant firm in need of a Quality Management System (QMS) to meet the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Here's some more specific information about what I'm looking for: - **Current Status**: We do not currently have a QMS in place, so we are starting from scratch. - **Primary Goals for Certification**: Our goals for achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification are to improve company processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and meet regulatory requirements. I am looking for an experienced Subject Matter Expert (SME) to create a comprehensive Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle tailored to our specific needs. **Ideal skills and experience for the job include:** - Strong knowledge and experience in ISO 9001:2015 certification process - Proven track record in creating and implemen...

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    Join our team as an AI Trainer to help improve AI systems. No prior experience required. This entry-level role is ideal for individuals with a.: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree. Strong English language skills. Excellent communication and analytical abilities. Attention to detail. Ability to work independently and manage time effectively. Compensation: $5 to $50 per hour, based on experience and qualifications. Eligibility: Must be based in the UK or Canada. Must have the legal right to work in the UK or Canada. Application Process: Submit Your CV: Highlight relevant skills and educational background. Identity Verification: Complete identity verification with Persona to prove your right to work in the UK or Canada. Interview: Attend a brief interview to discuss job detail...

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    I'm in need of a creative and effective marketing expert to help promote a Bengali children's book within West Bengal, India. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and execute a robust social media strategy to engage parents of young children, schools, educational institutions, bookstores, and libraries. - Organize local events including book signings to create buzz and visibility. - Generate earned media through obtaining book reviews and author mentions in relevant articles. The objective of this project is to raise awareness about the author and their work, and to generate positive reviews and customer feedback. Ideal skills and experience: - Demonstrable experience in children's literature marketing - Strong network in West Bengal's educational and book publishing se...

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    I'm looking for an experienced report writer to help me create an educational report on drugs and medicine. Your application should include: - Detailed project proposals outlining your approach to the topic - Any relevant past work that showcases your skills in writing educational content The completion time is flexible, but I'm ideally looking for a proactive freelancer who can provide a reasonable timeline for the project. Your scheduling and communication skills will be highly valued.

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    We are on the hunt for passionate professionals of any field to provide live presentations about their career paths. Our high-school students are eager to engage with real-world professionals like you to learn about your personal and professional journeys. My company is partnered with over 200 high schools, so your story will have a far reach. The job: 1. Record a 90-sec video of you, sharing your story from high school to your current career. Share your experience, tips to high school students, and any resource recommendation they might find interesting. 2. Review our template for a helpful How-to guide: 3. Record on your phone. And that's it! Simple! Ideal professionals would bring with them extensive experience in their respective industry, fine public speaking skills, and a ge...

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    14 ofertas

    We are seeking a virtual assistant with extensive experience in social media management, chat support, and administrative tasks. The ideal candidate will be adept at creating engaging content, handling customer inquiries efficiently, and managing daily operations to enhance our online presence and customer satisfaction. Strong communication skills and a proactive approach are essential. Join us to make a significant impact!

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Oferta promedio
    65 ofertas

    I am in need of someone who is well-versed in microeconomics and can help me with a specific issue. Although I haven't pinpointed the problem, I need help with any aspect of microeconomics that I might be facing. - Proficiency in Microeconomics: The ideal candidate should have a solid background in microeconomics, understand market structures, price determination, and consumer behavior. - Problem-Solving Skills: As the issue hasn't been identified yet, I need someone who is a critical thinker and can help me identify and solve any microeconomic challenges that may arise. - Strong Communication: Since the issue is not clearly defined, good communication skills are essential for the candidate to understand my needs and work with me to find a solution.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr Oferta promedio
    21 ofertas

    I'm seeking a diligent, detail-oriented professional to conduct a thorough FHA inspection of a manufactured home. The focus areas are as follows: 1. Foundation and Structural Integrity: Ideally, you should have proven experience and knowledge in assessing the foundation and structural integrity of manufactured homes. You will carry out an initial FHA footer inspection along with a comprehensive final compliance inspection report. Key Elements: - Home set-up procedures - Condition of the foundation - Assessment of the home's anchoring system 2. Specific Concerns: While inspecting the above, pay special attention to the evenness of the floors, any potential cracks in the foundation, signs of water damage, and the overall stability of the anchoring system. Skills and Experience:...

    $970 (Avg Bid)
    $970 Oferta promedio
    29 ofertas

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