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A microcontroller refers to a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU, clock, ports and memory. These chips are designed for small or dedicated applications. They are used in engine control systems in cars, medical implants, remote controls, power tools and toys. Your business may need help with designing microcontroller chips. You can find such help in the form of freelancers willing and able to do microcontroller work right here. Simply post your job today to get started! Contratar a Microcontroller Developers


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    Integración de diversos sensores modbus rtu rs485 a placas esp32 o esp32 lorawan para enviar datos a un servidor mysql a través de diversas tecnologías: gatways ttn, Wireless-Hotspot, lorawan, gatways mqtt, tarjetas GPRS, etc

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    I have a adafruit playground express hooked up to an adafruit Crickit motor controller The motor controller is controlling a peristaltic fluid pump hooked up to a brushed DC motor. I want the arduino code to: (1) Run the pump motor for 10 seconds when button 1 is pressed (2) Run the pump motor for 25 seconds when button 2 is pressed (3) If the pump is running, I want the user to be able to stop ...

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    Need arduino codes to control time and heat with processing of dying. Enclosed is the graph to see the processing. Need to control water pump heat pump discharge pump in same screen. Need to make steps to add aux chemicals and dyes. Need to set alarm after each process for next step.

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    I want to measure Watt usage via A9G and send the values in real-time to the MQTT server with device serial and with the GPS location every 10 seconds. You can assume inbuild two AD converters were used to measure V and A and proceed. Deliverables: basic schematic, source code. Thank you. ([iniciar sesión para ver URL])

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    NXP to Atmel ARM firmware change 6 días left

    I have 2 Working PCB Boards.. 1 Board is old and 1 board is new.. They work with the same software on my laptop. The old one is having NXP - LPC2468FBD208 Chip and the new one is having Atmel ATSAME70N20 I have Firmware for both the chips and they are working fine with the respective chip. I want you to convet the Atmel chip firmware in such a wayt that I can program the NXP chip with it. If I can...

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    I need to upload an image to firebase from esp8266. The image should be taken from an ip camera whenever a certain condition is met. The ip camera will have an username and password. That’s all.

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    We are looking for an interface between our Victron energy CAN/MODBUS TCP to small touch screen display. We also want to pull data from a Sevcon motor controller. Ideally need somebody that is familiar with 1 or both products and Arduino's to work with us on this ongoing project.

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    BLESimulator 6 días left

    Need a developer who can develop cycling speed and cadence accessory simulator

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    I have a .ASM file , I want to understand it and want some changes in it. sample program is attached .

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    NDI implementation on ARM 5 días left

    Implementing the NDI protocol on an MCU or FPGA specifically for audio purposes.A full SDK is available It's mainly implementation that can be done on a development board. SDK is available here [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Ability to send and receive audio channels at various sample rates and TDM or I2S interface. The unit would have an Ethernet interface transporting the protocol a...

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    I have nucleo stm32F411RE board I want to interface sd card and servo motor . Immediate help . Cudeide

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    Design a block diagram for a smart watch using vivado.

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    I want to control motor with dsPIC33CK and interface with LabVIEW Software.

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    Need Arduino Expert 5 días left

    I have 3 motors and 4 actuators that I want to connect remotely using the mobile app. I need you to provide an API for that. I need ARDUINO & ARDUINO WIFI module so that ARDUINO will connect to the internet. I need a server that will be connected to the app.

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    Need someone having experitse using micropython. My code is in cpp. I am able to run it on esp-32 wrover board. Micropython is written using C itself, and my code is also in C. So we should be able to run my cpp code using Micropython interface. I don't want to rewrite cpp code to python. What I need is to use some wrapper in micropython which helps me to run the same code using micropython...

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    I have a circuit, that in which I am using a relay to switch resistance if anyone could explain to me the way another possibility with the circuit, without any microcontroller to switch resistance with low cost and size, I want to switch 1.2ohm resistance to the existing circuit.

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    I am looking for a basic circuit that will trigger the shutter release on a Nikon D500 camera (using the camera's 10pin connector - using pins 6 & 4) when a laser light is pointed at a photodiode or similar electronic device in the circuit. The circuit needs to be very compact and run off a CR2450 battery as it will be fitted inside an underwater camera housing. I don't need the ci...

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    Use MATLAB/Simulink environment to develop and implement an adaptive cruise control system for vehicles that automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Hardware Arduino uno x 1, button x 5, distance sensor x 1, 4 digit 7-segment anode display x 1 Description Implement an adaptive cruise control system with five buttons of (1) Set_speed, (2) Adaptiv...

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    The idea of the project is to amplify current vibration/tactile feedback using vibration from a device as a trigger. Basically use existing vibration to trigger a vibration motor. Example: phone case that amplifies phone vibration So when the phone vibrates, the motor inside the case vibrates in sync

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    OTA for esp32 4 días left

    we need to update the OTA of our esp32 in google cloud

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    Electronic Engineer with experienced in electronic products development, electronic components, and sensors for IoT applications. We need a professional that closely knows the Shenzhen electronics industry ecosystem. We would require advice in finding new technologies and providers for different kinds of sensors, IoT Nodes, Gateways, and all the technology available to develop IoT Solutions. The...

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    Raspberry pi 4 días left

    I need a partslist, how to wire it up and the code on a working solution to read cell voltages in my LiFePo4 12v system with a Raspberry Pi + breakout boards if needed. I'd like to read the voltage from every cell in a 4 cell series config and also the difference between the min/max voltage. Also for 4 relays to turn on/off and an email sender depending on certain logic statements. I'd l...

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    Our requirement is PCB for water level controllers for our company. [Removed by Freelancer.com]

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    Hi, I need some help with an initial detailed feasibility study on how to Port Micropython onto an open-source RISC V SoC ( i will send you the exact CPU implementation at a later stage) running on Arty A7 35T FPGA board and how much work is involved with a detailed task list and an estimated timescale. The projects end goal is to build RISC V porting with all the GPIO & peripherals working ...

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    automatic solar cleaning with Arduino and automatic water valve controler

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    Aim of the project is to acquire readings from a Solar inverter (RS232) and send to a central location for remote, offsite monitoring. Scenario: Off-grid station fitted with Raspberry Pi and 4G Teltonika Unit. Solar yaw, battery voltage etc to be acquired by either the Raspberry Pi (via USB) or via Teltonika Unit (Via RS232) and sent to a HTTP server/central location. Solar Inverter Protocols ha...

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    Brushless Sensored ESC for RC Cars 3 días left

    I need a designer to create a schematic and simulation of a Brushless "Sensored" ESC for RC Cars. Requirements: - Need to be designed in Altium - Max current of 50A - Use Sensor header port part# B6B-ZR(LF)(SN)‎ - this will connect to 540 RC Motor Please bid based on my requirements; any bids without reading my project description will be ignored.

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    I 'm interesting in IOT system and I have used ewelink to control every items as ewelink library provided. And I need to monitor and control other items such as oxigen pH etc via mesure these variable with esp8266 or esp32 . I 'm developer and I have backgroud about esp8266/esp32 with Arduino IDE. Hope you to help me. Thank you.

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    La mia azienda lavora con dispositivi di elettrolisi. Per un nuovo progetto dovrei trasformare l'onda proveniente da un semplice raddrizzatore (max 3V - 30 A) in un'oda quadra regolabile in width e duty cycle. L' idea è sviluppare una scheda che produca un segnale PWM per pilotare dei transistor che gestiscano il carico allacciato al raddrizzatore principale. --------------...

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    Need someone who is expert in esp8266 programming including firebase integration

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    I need a three-phase frequency inverter... with potentiometer for frequency adjustment 0...60hz commands: start / stop forward / backward

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    We are an Australian manufacturer and developer of IOT systems, specifically within the Keyless Entry System space. We require a hardware/firmware engineer to create a universal keyless entry system based on an existing product we are aiming to replace. Successful applicant will work closely with our existiong API and Web Interface developers to create a universal, secure keyless entry system w...

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    Only for developers in Brazil. Looking for a python IoT developer in OpenMV platform. Electronics engineering skill is plus. I will provide the schematic for the project. Deliverable: Flash Driver and NB-IoT driver in micropython.

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    I have an USB touch screen (Slave) and want to build a converter to rs232. right now im trying to use arduino and usb shield to convert it. if you have other solution please let me know. im very opened about it. thanks

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    build me in easy eda a pcb card with the following characteristics, with the essential programming libraries to work, I require for now only the basic programming, that is, without conditions, only reading of each sensor and printing of sensors on the monitor. The hardware features are as follows: FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION: This is a switch actuator module for AC voltages in addition to the ambient ...

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    A design/prototyping group is needed to develop a neuromodulation audiovisual wearable device. The device has the form-factor of a sleep mask containing LEDs and earbuds to stimulate the brain with light and sound modulated with brainwave frequencies. The device controls the light and sound in accordance with a waveform (stored in an SD card). Required key capabilities include electronic product p...

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    Use MATLAB/Simulink environment to develop and implement an adaptive cruise control system for vehicles that automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Hardware Arduino uno x 1, button x 5, distance sensor x 1, 4 digit 7-segment anode display x 1 Description Implement an adaptive cruise control system with five buttons of (1) Set_speed, (2) Adaptiv...

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    Led 12v lighting system need help building the board for lights

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    iOS developer 2 días left

    ONLY BASED IN LONDON Job Spec: We are looking for an iOS developer to create a simple SDK and Sample Application. This application will need to handle NFC Communication and Authentication between the iPhone and proprietary electronics hardware. This will also need to store keys in the iPhone Secure Element. This SDK and Sample application will be provided to our clients in order for them to buil...

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    I would like to use a RGB OLED, 1.5inch diagonal, 128x128 pixels, 16-bit colour oled display with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface. You'll need to design a simple processor board to interface to the display and code it to have a graphical display to look like a standard analogue audio VU meter. The design must be able to display 2 x 3 different audio inputs (1: input level...

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    Hi I want a auridino project which runs on wifi with lpg leakage sensor, load cell for remaining lpg in cylinder and servo motor to turn off regulator if leakage found and manually on/off regulator

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    Build circuit design and pcb 2 días left

    - Contains five motors, a water flow sensor, a ph sensor, two push buttons, LCD20x4 I2C, bluetooth hc 05, FDTI breakout 5v, - first two motors of 12v 3.2A - third motor of 12v 2A - fourth moror of 12v 330mA(max) - fifth motor of 12v 3.2A And should use atmega 328p pu

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    I want to do wireless debugging (SWD) and programming of STM32 family microcontroller using ESP8266 WiFi module it is connected to internet. Now laptop at remote places which is connected to internet now I want to do programming and debugging STM32 from remote places. I want to make wireless stink debugger programmer using ESP8266 wifi module.

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    A working code is provided for ADC, and only the analog to digital conversion calculation needs to figure out and calculate the right values of the different variables in the code to make it work at higher frequencies. The code is written for 60Hz frequency but it can able to generate digital signals around 500-800 Hz easily, more than that frequency there is distortion in the output signal. I as...

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    I would like to manufacture my PCB from JLCPCB.com. I have my design in Eagle which you can import the circuit in Easyeda.com. I am looking for freelancer for the following tasks: 1. Import the Eagle PCB ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) in Easyeda (Which is very easy) 2. Find and replace the electronic components from the Eagle file to the JLCPCB SMT Assembly Parts Component ([iniciar sesi&...

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    I need an Embedded Engineer from Pakistan. Must Know about ESP32, Arduino, STM32, ESP8622, Xbee, Lora etc.

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    I am a student currently pursuing a master's degree and this is with regard o the MSc project that is needed to b done. I need Arduino coding and simulation on LabView. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] basic program code I have and even the simulation, what I need is improvements to the code. The weak point in my code is at high pressures there are data skips and wrong values are displ...

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    Arduino/ESP32 Code Analysis 7 horas left

    Hello, I'm looking for a Arduino/ESP32 expert that can analyse some already existing code, understand and comment all the existing code and build activity diagrams that could help a future developer. Experienced developers only. Thank you.

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    We're looking for a team who we can outsource our consumer electronics product building and its OS. We have a wide range of portable/wearable and other devices we look to build. Ex: Smart Glasses, Consoles and so much more. Please apply if you can tackle the work and are confident you will be able to deliver the project. Thank You! Need someone who can devotee their hours on the projects a...

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