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    ...con datos experimentales. Requisitos: Licenciatura o grado superior en física, ingeniería, matemáticas, ciencias de la computación o campos relacionados. Experiencia previa en modelado de sistemas físicos, simulación de eventos discretos y física computacional. Conocimientos sólidos en programación, preferiblemente en Python y/o C++. Experiencia con bibliotecas de simulación como Pygame, Bullet Physics, Box2D, entre otras. Dominio de aplicaciones de simulación como MATLAB, Simulink, COMSOL Multiphysics , solidworks, unreal engine u software similar Si eres un apasionado de la simulación y te gusta enfrentarte a desafíos técnicos complejos, ¡nos gustaría conocerte! ten ...

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    Consistency and generalized description of the project to be executed: The present project aims to generate a simulation, computerized recreation based on the following software : - Unity 3D - Blend...36.6 seconds, then the air should come out. * 56 balls according to the weight details provided, since there is a weight difference and we are applying the same force on all objects, the lighter ball should move faster, so it changes the probability. * the turbine will be turned on for the indicated time, after that time we will simulate the suction and make the balls come out based on random physics simulation. This should be a digitized simulation and the following examples are attached.

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    ...profesores cualificados que sepan desarrollarse de forma cómoda y eficaz en sus áreas,gerencia empresarial,ingenieria,matemáticas,finanzas,contabilidad,marketing,etc. mientras sea una persona que sepa desarrollarse bien en su área me interesa, necesito freelancers cualificados I need a team of qualified teachers who know in the areas of finance, accounting, mathematics, marketing, advertising, physics, chemistry,computing, any area where the person offering the services is qualified and responsible in order to provide the client with a quality service...

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    I am an artist and I would like to reach an audience specific to the message of my art. I make a style of art that I think is new and I would like to reach a target audience that could be an intersection between art lovers, photography, and any branch of spirituality, how can they be targeted to yoga meditation Taichi reiki quantum physics etc. soy artista y quisiera llegar a un público Específico al mensaje de mi arte. Realizo un estilo de arte que creo que es nuevo y me gustaría llegar a un público objetivo que podría ser una intersección entre los amantes del arte, La fotografía, y cualquier rama de la espiritualidad, cómo puede ser que estén apuntados a yoga meditación Taichi reiki física cuán...

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    Se necesita modelar y dejar con physics y dinámicas un vestido de mujer en la cual reaccione al movimiento de una mujer que baila con un traje típico de Colombia. Es solo modelarno y generarles los Maps, no render y la parte de rigging, debe quedar funcional para personaje en iclone y 3d max. No se tiene que hacer render pero si dejar animada la FALDA mujer, promedio de animacion 2 minutos sin render , SOLO MODELADO Y ANIMACION Y MAPPING, NO RENDER. Se entrega captura de movimiento (FBX) . REFERENCIA video de referencia en: Es solo la falda de la MUJER, VESTIDO PERSONAJES Y HOMBRE YA ESTAN RENDERIZADOS. Aclaramos 2 veces , ya que me están llegando propuestas con valores elevados, debido a que no se ha entendido aún, que es solo la

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    C# Tengo una libreria de Physics 2D - Necesito alguien que documente como funciona a nivel codigo y conceptual Busco talento Mexicano en freelancing Gracias

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    Here the exercices: IF YOU NEED HELP TO TRANSLATE FROM SPANISH SEND ME A MESSAGE FAST PAYMENT 1) Halla el valor en Pascales de las siguientes unidades de presión: a) 13 kg/cm2; b) 30.5 lb/in2 (PSI); c) 1200 mB 2) Un hombre de 70 kg de masa está parado y apoyado en sus dos pies. La superficie de apoyo de cada zapato es de 200 cm2. ¿Cuál será la presión, expresada en Pascales, ejercida sobre el suelo? 3) Una aguja hipodérmica de sección 0,01 mm2 se clava en la piel con una fuerza de 50 N. ¿Cuál es presión ejercida? 4) Sobre un émbolo de sección 3 cm2 que se mueve dentro de un pistón se coloca una masa de 20 kg. ¿Qué presión ejerce en el flui...

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    I'm looking for a talented and experienced unreal game programmer and developer who can assist me in creating a first-person shooter game. Here are some specific requirements: - Game focus: The game will pr...- Art Style: The game will require realistic 3D graphics. Freelancers should have proficiency in creating such aesthetics and must ensure visuals are stunning and lifelike. - Technical Expertise: Professionals experienced in Unreal Engine and who have previously worked on similar titles will be preferred. Your success in this project means having a keen eye for detail, a strong grasp of game physics, and the ability to create an interactive gaming environment that will keep our players engaged. Your technical skills, creativity, and dedication to the project's visio...

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    I am in need of a This project is not just about writing; it also requires a deep understanding of the subject matter. Key Requirements: - Expertise in biology, physics,chemistry with at least a Bachelor's degree in the field being preferable. - Strong writing skills, with previous experience in on-topic academic writing or book writing being beneficial. - Ability to break down complex biological, chemistry, and physics concepts into understandable, engaging content for students. - Strong research skills to ensure accuracy and depth. - Ability to meet deadlines. Basically, I am looking for someone who can blend their knowledge of biology,chemistry,physics with excellent writing skills to create an informative and engaging study book. Feel free ...

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    create a poster that represents physics, biology and chemistry. The idea is that your posters could be shown to grade 9 students and they should get a sense of what they’ll learn Topic: Science Physics: Electricity Matter and atoms Subatomic particles Circuit components Drawing circuits Series and Parallel Circuits Static electricity Positive and negative charges Attraction and repulsion Electrostatic series (L2) Conductors and Insulators Energy changers 7 types of Energy Biology: Ecosystems Biomes Ecosystems Population, community, Habitat, species Food Webs/food chain Human impact on the environment Natural disasters Human population increase Diet types (herbivore etc.) Sampling techniques (pitfall trap etc.) Biotic and abiotic factors Biotic relationships (symbiosi...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Science tutor to help with a student's understanding of the subject. Key requirements: - Proficient in teaching Science - Can engage and adapt to student's pace Optional skills: - Understanding of Physics, Chemistry, Biology - Previous experience with online tutoring The tutoring session will be on 5th July 2024. I'm quite flexible and open to discussing the teaching strategy and content to be covered.

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    Physics equations 4 días left

    The job, in detail, is that first, I need graphed and animated all the physics equations on this web page: and 2nd, I need a insightful explanation of each equation what they are. This is an easy, quick, rewarding job. I will receive all the physics equations graphed and animated, with insightful explanation of each equation what they are.

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    ...*Assets:* All 50 episodes are fully scripted and voice-recorded. Serenity Lockhart's 3D model has been meticulously rigged and includes jiggle physics for natural movement dynamics. **Animator Responsibilities:** -Animating Serenity Lockhart's meticulous movements and the camera shots as she interacts with various props in her environment. -Crafting additional smaller models as needed, such as tea pouring out of a teapot. -Collaborating with the creator Kryssen and fellow animators. **Animation Style:** The animation focuses on capturing Serenity's seductive allure and sexually suggestive behavior in movement, with attention to details like jiggle physics. **Project Details:** *Short Duration:* Approximately 3-4 minutes per short. *Compensation...

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    ...The game should be visually stunning and offer players a more brutal experience, enhancing the ragdoll physics already present in the original game. Specifically, I'd like the: - Graphics to be enhanced with improved textures, high-resolution assets, and dynamic lighting effects. The aim is to provide a visually immersive experience. - Gameplay to be more intense, with a focus on brutality. This will require the incorporation of more aggressive and violent elements, while still retaining the signature ragdoll physics. Different Characters Ideally, I am looking for a developer who has experience in creating visually appealing games with intense gameplay. Experience with ragdoll physics and fantasy themes would be a plus. If you think you're up to ...

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    Unity Game - Android Ball Error 2 días left

    My Unit...issue is crucial to the gameplay and needs immediate resolution. Key points: - Object: The issue is primarily with the ball object in the game. - Platform: The problem is specifically on the Android platform. - Ground: The ball is supposed to interact with a solid surface. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced Unity game developer with a focus on Android platform. - Proficient in troubleshooting game physics, particularly with object interactions. - Familiarity with resolving issues related to object-ground interactions in Unity. - Strong problem-solving skills to identify and fix the root cause of the ball's failure to bounce. Your expertise in Unity and Android game development is needed to debug this issue and ensure the ball behaves as intended. Looking forward to he...

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    I am seeking a knowledgeable and experienced freelancer to complete 5 projects using Matlab, fo...knowledgeable and experienced freelancer to complete 5 projects using Matlab, focusing primarily on simulations of mechanical systems in physics. Key Responsibilities: - Create Matlab programs capable of accurately simulating various aspects of mechanical physics - Perform detailed simulations that mirror real-life physics scenarios - Ensure that the projects have the ability to analyze the resulting simulation data Ideal Skills: - Hands-on experience using Matlab for physics simulations - Deep understanding of mechanical system simulations - Proficiency in data analysis In essence, I'm looking for someone capable of turning theoretical physics...

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    I'm in need of an experienced game developer who can build an action-packed shooting mobile game. Requirements: - Solid experience in mobile game development, specifically with action games. - Proficiency in designing engaging and interactive game scenarios. - Capable of programming shooting mechanics in the game. Skills: - Advanced programming skills. - Deep understanding of game physics. - Ability to balance and adjust gameplay based on tester feedback. Your task will be to bring my vision for this action shooter game to life. The defence and attack aspects within the game should be highly engaging and provide an immersive experience. I look forward to viewing your proposals.

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    Realistic 3D Animation for Logo 2 días left

    I'm in need of a talented animator to create a high concept 3D animation for my motion pictures production startup's logo. The animation should be realistically crafted while still maintaining a professional and polished appearance. Important aspects of this project: - Animation Style: I'm looking for 3D Animation or "Handcrafted" physics that can give a unique and engaging touch to our logo. - Mood/Tone: The animation should convey a realistic and professional mood. It needs to align with the branding of a high-quality motion pictures production startup. - Inclusion: The animation should include our logo as its central element. This project will require a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and expertise in 3D animation. The ideal freelancer ...

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    I am on a quest for an experienced physics tutor who excels in preparing students for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Key Topics: - Mechanics - Electromagnetism - Thermodynamics Areas of Concentration: - within Mechanics - Kinematics, Newton's laws of motion, and Work and Energy - within Electromagnetism - Electricity and Magnetism - within Thermodynamics - Heat and Thermodynamics. An ideal candidate should possess strong knowledge underlining each of these areas and capable of empowering me to comprehend and excel in these challenging topics. Previous successful tutoring experiences for JEE aspirants would be a plus point.

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    I'm seeking a talented and experienced writer knowledgeable in scientific discourse, specifically within the field of physics. Key Requirements: - Completion of an engaging essay on a yet-to-be-disclosed physics topic. - The essay must be written and cited in accordance with APA style guidelines. - Accurate scientific facts and proven theories should be woven into the essay logically and cohesively. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in APA academic writing. - In-depth understanding or background in Physics. - Proven experience in scientific essay writing. - Ability to meet deadlines effectively. Sound like you? I look forward to receiving your bid.

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    I am looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable online physics tutor who can help me with JEE and NEET level physics problems. The ideal candidate should: - Have a deep understanding of physics, particularly with JEE and NEET curriculum - Be able to provide clear explanations and assistance for topics falling under Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Modern Physics - Be available for weekly twice online tutoring sessions, which will ideally be scheduled for a mutually convenient time. The compensation for this role is Rs.1000 per day. Your ability to effectively communicate and provide support in these areas will be crucial, so please include any relevant experience or qualifications in your bid.

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    I am looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable online physics tutor who can help me with JEE and NEET level physics problems. The ideal candidate should: - Have a deep understanding of physics, particularly with JEE and NEET curriculum - Be able to provide clear explanations and assistance for topics falling under Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Modern Physics - Be available for weekly twice for online tutoring sessions, which will ideally be scheduled for a mutually convenient time. The compensation for this role is Rs.1000 per day. Your ability to effectively communicate and provide support in these areas will be crucial, so please include any relevant experience or qualifications in your bid. Number of doubts - 10 to 15 in a. day.

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    ...have an education through the medium of the internet where freely available resources are available to anyone with an internet connection. So the focus is on education tracks using freely available internet course material Critical subjects will be 1. english 2. maths 3 computer programming using various methods eg block coding like scratch, progressing to proper coding. 4. science in physics, chemistry and biology for young children 5. geography for children i am thinking the age range will initially be aged 8 to 13 although we can expand this in time i am thinking perhaps of a rewards based system where instead of giving people charity to help pay for food etc we have the child aged 8 to 13 become a wage earner in the home by completing set work and modules. ...

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    ...a scientific article for me. - The topic of the article will be in the realm of Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and will be provided upon hiring. - The article should be comprehensive, engaging, and written in a professional yet accessible style, suitable for a scientific audience. - I'll need the content to be delivered in a format of your choice, preferably Word document, PDF file or Google Docs. - The word count will also be determined by the chosen topic, but I expect it to be substantial and well-researched. Ideal candidates for this project will: - Be native French speakers. - Have prior experience in scientific writing, especially in the fields of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. - Have a good understanding of academic writing and the ability to translate co...

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    ...we’re looking for (rough ideas): CHARGE (CHAWRGE): - You may use CHAWRGE or Charge (anything that might look better) -Color Scheme: Masculine, bold, powerful (what comes to mind when you think of these words) -Masculine, bold, Current, strong force -It’s happening, Harness your motion, Accelerate your clarity, This is forward, Make your way, Take control, Power the future -Applied knowledge of physics, dynamic, Bold, Cohesive, enduring, aggressive -Abstract: design concept: Charge (energy force) -The fibonacci sequence resonates when I think of this brand -Target market: 20-50 men high end fashion markets, leather goods, brass and gold studded belts. FLUX (FLVX): -You may use FLUX or Flvx (anything that might look better) -Color Scheme: Feminine, edgy, sexy (what ...

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    I need a freelancer with expertise in Geant4 to simulate a basic level particle physics scenario dealing specifically with Leptons. Your responsibilities will involve: - Understanding the requirements and creating a simulation model in line with them - Running the Lepton-based simulation in Geant4 - Ensuring the accuracy of the simulation results and troubleshooting if necessary Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience with Geant4 and particle physics simulations is a must - Strong understanding of leptons within particle physics - Ability to work with basic level simulations and interpret accurate results. Further details will be provided upon project assignment. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...expertise in Blueprint to replicate an existing arcade-style drift system. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of physics replication and prediction within Unreal Engine. This project requires attention to detail and an understanding of simplified vehicle dynamics and drift mechanics suitable for an arcade-style game. The product we want replicated: Responsibilities: Replicate an existing arcade-style drift system using Unreal Engine Blueprints. Ensure the drift system accurately simulates arcade-style vehicle dynamics and behavior. Implement physics replication and prediction to maintain consistency and performance in a multiplayer environment. Collaborate with our team to

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    I need a printable document depicting an intermediate level free body diagram that can help me analyze the forces acting on an object. Key Requirements: - The diagram should feature basic forces like gravity and friction,...document depicting an intermediate level free body diagram that can help me analyze the forces acting on an object. Key Requirements: - The diagram should feature basic forces like gravity and friction, but also include more complex forces like tension and spring. - The final output should be a printable document, which I can easily refer to. Ideal Freelancer: - Has a solid understanding of physics, particularly in the concept of free body diagrams. - Proficient in creating accurate and professional diagrams. - Able to deliver a high-quality printable docume...

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    ...Compatible with Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and HTC Vive Focus 3 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Unity3D development - Proficiency in C# - Prior experience in VR game development - Strong understanding of creating engaging exploration and adventure gameplay - Familiarity with Meta Quest and HTC Vive Focus platforms The following features implemented: - Teleportation - Realistic Physics - Realistic environmental weather - User settings screen - Game title screen (graphics and text to be provided) This project will require locomotion within 1 scene (a Building interior). Building interior assets and a scene file will be provided for you but the scene may not be perfect. The project will require you add an external plane filled with grass, mountains and basic t...

    $250 - $750
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    $250 - $750
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    ...create a hyper casual game for Google Play. The game will be centered around physics-based gameplay and aimed at a teenage audience. Key Requirements: - Experience in developing hyper casual games, especially with a physics-based gameplay mechanic - Proficient in Android game development, with a strong understanding of Google Play store requirements - Ability to design and develop engaging and user-friendly game interfaces - Prior experience in creating games for teenage audiences, with an understanding of their preferences and gaming habits Your responsibilities will include: - Collaborating on the game concept and ensuring it aligns with the target audience - Designing and developing the game with a focus on physics-based gameplay - Integrating engaging visual a...

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    ...modules and digital skill development, applying both AI and design thinking principles. Key project requirements: - AI Integration: The AI component of this platform is essential for delivering personalized learning paths. Experience working with AI in the education sector is highly desirable. - Subject Coverage: The platform should cover a range of science subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and any other subjects that a teacher or academic staff may require. Expertise in these subjects or educational content creation is very advantageous. - Student Engagement & Learning Outcomes: The platform should aim to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes. A track record of success in these areas is highly valued. - Design Thinking: Utilizing design thin...

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    I'm a college student in need of a specialized physics tutor with solid knowledge in both Electromagnetism and Mechanics disciplines. The successful tutor should be able to deliver the lessons online, making use of engaging teaching strategies to get me up to speed. Key Requirements: - Deep understanding of Electromagnetism and Mechanics at a college level - Experience in online tutoring - Engaging, clear communication skills - Ability to break down complex concepts into understandable chunks This is a great opportunity for experienced physics tutors who can leverage digital platforms to enhance learning experiences. I look forward to productive sessions that will help me achieve my academic goals smoothly.

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    I seek a skilled Silvaco TCAD expert with a focus on Silvaco Atlas for a project that involves developing a new simulation model. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Silvaco Atlas: A deep understanding of this software is crucial for the development of our tailored ...simulation model. - Experience with GAA-TFET: The focus here is on the model for this specific semiconductor device. The project requires an individual who can translate theoretical designs and ideas into a functional simulation model. The aim is to accurately represent the behavior and characteristics of the GAA-TFET semiconductor. Ideal candidates should have a background in semiconductor device physics and possess a strong grasp of TCAD software. The ability to work independently and communicate effectively is ...

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    I'm currently in need of an expert in wearable equipment design for my upcoming project. The product is focused on helping students concentrate in studies in the increasingly noisy environment, and it's major functions include pass...noise-cancellation and self-voice monitoring. Here are a few key points about this project: - The product to design is an electro-mechanical wearable equipment, similar to a headphone. - The main goal is to create a device suitable and appealing for a student demographic. It would be greatly beneficial if you possess: - A strong background in wearable equipment design. - A basic understanding of bio-physics related to the ears and sound. Understanding trends among the use of noise-cancellation devices and innovative gear design will be cr...

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    ...character and the ability to switch between the 5 characters I want to create • Implementing Cloth Physics: It's essential to recreate a realistic interaction of the characters' outfits with their surroundings. • Maintaining a high Fidelity: While we aim to capture as much detail as possible, we understand some detail loss is inevitable due to the vast complexity of these mods. However, minimizing this loss is a big plus. • Ensuring Minimal Clipping/Collision issues: We strive to keep the collision/clipping issues to a minimum to provide seamless gameplay. Ideal freelancers should have prior experience in game modding, preferably in 'Session Skate Sim', and a firm understanding of Unity physics. A knack for balancing detail and performan...

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    Need help in jee level physics and chemistry 20 questions of each subject Low jee mains level Jee mains syllabus

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    I am in need of expert assistance for the structural analysis of a custom-shaped inflatable placed on a rooftop in line with Eurocode 1 Standards. Key Responsibilities: - Apply Eurocode 1 principles to analyze the design actions, load combinations, and structural behavior of this unique structure. - Identify and address potential risks and chall...structural behavior of this unique structure. - Identify and address potential risks and challenges this structure might incur due to natural forces or other unforeseen conditions. Ideal Candidate: The ideal freelancer will have a profound knowledge of Eurocode 1, specifically in structural analysis. A solid background in handling complex and unique structures will be beneficial. Understanding of physics, forces, and inflatables would ...

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    ...Detail (LOD): Implement LOD models to ensure characters are rendered efficiently at various distances. Object Optimization: Geometry Simplification: Simplify the geometry of 3D objects to reduce processing requirements. LOD for Objects: Implement LOD models for environmental objects to optimize rendering based on distance from the camera. Collider Efficiency: Use efficient colliders to minimize physics calculations and enhance performance. Texture Work: Texture Resolution: Optimize textures by adjusting resolutions to balance quality and performance. Texture Atlases: Create texture atlases to reduce draw calls and improve rendering efficiency. Texture Compression: Utilize mobile-friendly texture compression techniques to reduce memory usage. 3D Object Modification: Object A...

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    I'm in need of a skilled MATLAB expert with a background in physics for a project focused on mathematical modelling of a gas sensor at room temperature considering grain size and shape. The project involves analyzing the sensor's sensitivity and selectivity, as well as simulating its response to different gases. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MATLAB: You should be highly experienced in using MATLAB for mathematical modelling, data processing, and simulation. - Physics Background: A solid understanding of physics principles and their practical application in sensor technology is crucial. - Gas Sensor Expertise: Previous experience working with gas sensors, particularly in the areas of sensitivity, selectivity, and response simulation, will be ...

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    I'm currently chasing expertise in Physics to assist with an array of calculations for my project. Skill and Experience Requirements: - Profound knowledge in Physics - Extensive experience with scientific calculations - Ability to interpret and analyze results accurately The work will involve conducting a series of complex computations, and thus, accuracy and precision are highly essential. Under my project, your main objective shall be to produce accurate and reliable calculations following the principles of physics. I look forward to working with enthusiastic and dedicated freelancers who possess a great passion for Physics.

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    I require a specialist capable of converting complex helicopter performance charts (specifically, weight and balance and performance charts) into useful, interactive Excel spreadsheets. I would be able to input Altitude, Weight and Temperature values, and the...Temperature values, and the sheet would then visually represent the data on the chart. For the Weight and Balance, I would enter weight and center of gravity. The original charts are in PDF format. Experience with data processing and an understanding of Flight Physics would be beneficial for this task. Key tasks include: - Converting PDF performance charts into Excel - Creating interactive, dynamically updated charts - Testing and troubleshooting Ideal Skills: - Advanced Excel skills - Data processing - Knowledge of Flig...

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    I'm seeking an expert in physics, maths or fluid simulation to distill two scientific papers into layman's terms, with a particular emphasis on understanding the algorithms involved. Your primary task will be to help me apply the methods outlined in these papers in a practical project. Key Requirements: - Break down complex scientific language into easy-to-understand points. I have a scientific background, but not in physics. - Help me grasp the core concepts and apply them to a project - Prior experience with fluid simulation and visual effects not needed, as I am comfortable with the fluid sim software I'll be using (SideFX Houdini) - Strong understanding of the maths behind these simulations I'm already familiar with the software side of thin...

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    I'm looking to develop a tutoring website that will cater to a wide range of subjects, with a primary focus on Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The platform should support both online classes and in-person sessions to cater to different learning preferences using zoom classrooms. The target audience comprises students primarily from KS1, KS2, KS3, and KS4 levels. Key requirements include: - Multi-subject tutoring: The website should have the capability to accommodate multiple subjects, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience. - Online and In-Person support: The inclusion of both online and in-person sessions is crucial, as it allows for flexibility and caters to various learning styles. - Age-Appropriate: The content and teaching methods should align with the ag...

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    I'm seeking an experienced sales professional to generate interest and convert sales for my NEET and JEE courses. The target audience includes high school students so your approach should be versatile and adaptable. Key Areas: - Subjects: Our courses cover Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. Your understanding of these subjects will be a plus to articulate the benefits to potential students. - Delivery Modes: The courses are delivered both online and in-person, and it's important to communicate the benefits of both options to our customers. Preferred Skills: - Experience in education sales, particularly in NEET and JEE courses - Strong communication skills for diverse audiences - Understanding of the subjects covered in the courses. Project Overview: We are s...

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    I need a detailed design for a screw conveyor system aimed at transporting bottles. The design needs to accommodate the following requirements: - The bottles to be transported weigh up to 1 kg and have a size of...conveyor system aimed at transporting bottles. The design needs to accommodate the following requirements: - The bottles to be transported weigh up to 1 kg and have a size of 10 cm - The conveyor should operate at medium speed (2-4 m/s) Ideal candidates for this project would need to have: - Extensive experience in designing screw conveyors or similar mechanical systems, thorough understanding of physics and engineering principles - Proficiency in CAD or other design software - Strong attention to detail - Knowledge in materials handling and transportation would be an ...

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    ...finger was still holding it down). Key Requirements: - I need the app to simulate realistic physics using when users interact with it. For instance, the pages should react to touches, maintaining a lifelike behavior but still allowing for a slightly exaggerated, almost cartoon-like movement. - When a user interacts with the calendar, the pages should still behave as if they are part of a real object, engaging with the influence of gravity and other physical forces, yet their movements should not be too rigid. The goal is to achieve a balance between realism and a playful, friendly user experience. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience with JavaScript, particularly in animation and physics simulations. - Proficiency in using and other relevant libraries for interactive we...

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    We need a Unity game developer to implement Unity Physics for Fall Guys style game as soon as possible. We have perfect working games with Unity like Fall Guys. But Physics such as character moving & colliding with obstacles are different from Fall Guys. We need developer to do this same as Fall Guys. So you need to play Fall Guys and can implement as it is. This is urgent, and if you would do well as we want, then this will lead you long term project. This is ongoing project for more than 1 year. Key Requirements: - Well versed in Unity Physics. - Sense about character moving and collision between physics objects. - Good understand about project. - NDA sign before starting the contract. Your responsibilities will include in the future: - Developing the ga...

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    I require a competent academic reviewer to provide an overall critique for a 2500 words essay. This essay explores the history of the concept of gravity. Your critique should focus on imparting an overall impression. As the content is partly scientific, background knowledge of physics, astronomy, or related fields will be beneficial. Proficiency in English, and an understanding of classic and contemporary theories of gravity are a must. Prior experience in reviewing academic papers or technical documents is highly desired.

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    Working on a specialized task, I'm seeking a skilled freelancer with proficiency in Ansys LS Dyna FEA. The primary goal of this project is to simulate real-world physics, specifically focusing on the collision and impact dynamics. Specific deliverables include: - Developing a detailed collision and impact simulation involving polymeric materials. - Fine-tuning the physical phenomena to adhere strictly to real-world scenarios as accurately as possible. Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Ansys LS Dyna FEA - Previous experience with collision and impact simulations - Knowledge and experience working with polymeric materials - A solid understanding of physical phenomena simulation If you have a strong handle on Ansys LS Dyna FEA and collision simulation, I'...

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    I'm seeking a professional to to teach detailed models of various semiconductor devices, specifically diodes, transistors, solar cells, MOSFETs, and more, using COMSOL. The models should focus on demonstrating the device physics of each semiconductor. - Skills and Experience Required: - Extensive experience in semiconductor device modeling - Profound knowledge of device physics - Proficiency in using COMSOL for device modeling Interested professionals must demonstrate past experience in semiconductor modeling at the device physics level, and should be prepared to provide samples of their work related to this field, if available.

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