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    Consistency and generalized description of the project to be executed: The present project aims to generate a simulation, computerized recreation based on the following software : - Unity 3D - Blend...36.6 seconds, then the air should come out. * 56 balls according to the weight details provided, since there is a weight difference and we are applying the same force on all objects, the lighter ball should move faster, so it changes the probability. * the turbine will be turned on for the indicated time, after that time we will simulate the suction and make the balls come out based on random physics simulation. This should be a digitized simulation and the following examples are attached.

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    ...profesores cualificados que sepan desarrollarse de forma cómoda y eficaz en sus áreas,gerencia empresarial,ingenieria,matemáticas,finanzas,contabilidad,marketing,etc. mientras sea una persona que sepa desarrollarse bien en su área me interesa, necesito freelancers cualificados I need a team of qualified teachers who know in the areas of finance, accounting, mathematics, marketing, advertising, physics, chemistry,computing, any area where the person offering the services is qualified and responsible in order to provide the client with a quality service...

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    I am an artist and I would like to reach an audience specific to the message of my art. I make a style of art that I think is new and I would like to reach a target audience that could be an intersection between art lovers, photography, and any branch of spirituality, how can they be targeted to yoga meditation Taichi reiki quantum physics etc. soy artista y quisiera llegar a un público Específico al mensaje de mi arte. Realizo un estilo de arte que creo que es nuevo y me gustaría llegar a un público objetivo que podría ser una intersección entre los amantes del arte, La fotografía, y cualquier rama de la espiritualidad, cómo puede ser que estén apuntados a yoga meditación Taichi reiki física cuán...

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    Se necesita modelar y dejar con physics y dinámicas un vestido de mujer en la cual reaccione al movimiento de una mujer que baila con un traje típico de Colombia. Es solo modelarno y generarles los Maps, no render y la parte de rigging, debe quedar funcional para personaje en iclone y 3d max. No se tiene que hacer render pero si dejar animada la FALDA mujer, promedio de animacion 2 minutos sin render , SOLO MODELADO Y ANIMACION Y MAPPING, NO RENDER. Se entrega captura de movimiento (FBX) . REFERENCIA video de referencia en: Es solo la falda de la MUJER, VESTIDO PERSONAJES Y HOMBRE YA ESTAN RENDERIZADOS. Aclaramos 2 veces , ya que me están llegando propuestas con valores elevados, debido a que no se ha entendido aún, que es solo la

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    C# Tengo una libreria de Physics 2D - Necesito alguien que documente como funciona a nivel codigo y conceptual Busco talento Mexicano en freelancing Gracias

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    Here the exercices: IF YOU NEED HELP TO TRANSLATE FROM SPANISH SEND ME A MESSAGE FAST PAYMENT 1) Halla el valor en Pascales de las siguientes unidades de presión: a) 13 kg/cm2; b) 30.5 lb/in2 (PSI); c) 1200 mB 2) Un hombre de 70 kg de masa está parado y apoyado en sus dos pies. La superficie de apoyo de cada zapato es de 200 cm2. ¿Cuál será la presión, expresada en Pascales, ejercida sobre el suelo? 3) Una aguja hipodérmica de sección 0,01 mm2 se clava en la piel con una fuerza de 50 N. ¿Cuál es presión ejercida? 4) Sobre un émbolo de sección 3 cm2 que se mueve dentro de un pistón se coloca una masa de 20 kg. ¿Qué presión ejerce en el flui...

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    I am looking for a copywriter with experience in the science field, specifically carbon offsets, to help review and make suggestions for text in a presentation.

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can create eye catching and exciting thumbnails to create viewer attraction. All videos are <5min and are related to Math and Physics. I can share few sample videos in chat. Please share few samples to show your work and quote a price per Thumbnail. Looking forward.

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    need a electronic physics expert who is good at PN junction, MOSFET, and MOS TCAD

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    I need an expert in comsol who can do a model simulation for dilution river flow in multi physics ...thanks

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    Comsol multi physics 4 días left

    The project is a COMSOL multi-physics where a 2D structure needs to be created and 2 modes of transport are coupled together. The time should take 5-10 hrs depending how long it would take to complete the model. A model that I would like to create is creating a Laminar flow river that is fully developed that is coupled with a dilute species transport in the river. The dilute species is suppose to mimic a chemical spill in a river. This project needs to be 2D - so the geometry is length and depth of the flow. If available to start right away please let me know.

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    We are looking to hire Creative Content Writers for Math, Physics & Chemistry. they will be involved in making the academic content fun and simple, easy to understand & interesting for students. Mandatory requirements:- • Education: Minimum - Science in 12th • Skills: Good command of written and verbal English. Can write fun content on Sciences / Math. • Experience: 3 years of experience writing content. This is a Full time/part-time/freelance opportunity with flexible hours.

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    13,800,000,000 Big Bang singularity, cosmic inflation, creation of all particles of matter and counterpart antimatter, and the laws of physics governing their interactions; expansionKindly message me on T-gram @britneyp7 and cooling of space → formation of the observable Universe, its galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, moons, asteroids and comets

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    I seeing if you are able to build an iOS application that demonstrates 3D animation and Video using the 3D collada model. In this application I would like to show user interaction with the animated 3D collada model, changing text or video as texture on the animated 3D collada model, display changing text overlaying the model, and show physics involving the model. Please let me know if you are able to do this. Willing to negotiate for price. I have provided an example below of what I am looking for.

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    We are looking for someone to help promote a new scientific theory which challenges the view of traditional quantum physics. We are looking to promote the wave only solution to the ultraviolet catastrophe and photoelectric effect, on forums, internet, and social media groups. We are interested in reaching out to both mainstream and alternative science communities. The campaign will focus on driving traffic to our site. Relevant Links: 4D Aether (main page) Solution to the Ultraviolet Catastrophe Solution to the Photoelectric effect. Quantum Foam https://in2infinity

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    need a electronic physics expert who is good at PN junction, MOSFET, and MOS TCAD

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    CTC physics 17 horas left

    Performing a calculation in a physical system that combines the movement of spheroids in the system with flow and the use of an electric field to control the forces acting on the spheroids please propose only of you have skills in physics! Thanks

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    I need tutoring to learn everything about detectors and electronics used in x-ray astronomy, (test and calibration). hope to find someone with good skills in experimental physics and detectors and good to explain things. I don’t have particular problems for time but I would like to start asap.

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    Game Development -- 3 Finalizado left

    Create an ORIGINAL game from scratch using physics simulation in Unity. Content must use Unity and be 3D content must be an original content

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    need assistance with creating a VR environment using VRTK version 4, in this environment the user should be able to teleport themselves to set 3 locations within a small building, and should be able to interact with 10 objects, and 3 objects should have appropriate physics that is they should be grazable towable etc

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    Physics fact check Finalizado left

    So, in a section of a book I wrote, I go through some details about the building blocks of all matter (Atoms, protons, neutrons, leptons, forces, etc) It's about 3 pages (12 font with paragraphs). Describing what each particle is, what they are made of, their sizes along with the groups they are in and the forces that exist, etc. I need to make sure it is correct and that there's no false information in there. Thanks!

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    I have statement of purpose for my PhD applications in Physics. This statement has already been proofread and corrected twice, so I expect you not to find any major flaws. However, I would like to hear another opinion on it, especially I expect from this job to know what an admissions committee wants to hear and if this is included in my statement or not.

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    need a electronic physics expert who is good at PN junction, MOSFET, and MOS TCAD

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    ...(the furthest sail at the end of the ship) slightly smaller than the front one. Generally aesthetic wise I'm looking for an overall brown hull colour with a white beige-coloured sail. There will not need to be any barrels or decorative items just the ship itself with maybe some cloth details hanging on it which will need to be separate from the overall model but attached so I can apply Cloth Physics. I will be available to help you throughout, my discord is: Rxzz#2646 So feel free to contact me if you're up for it. I will continuously pay you for all the progress you make at your request based on how much you think your work is, with bonuses at the end if it overall comes together nicely. As I'm sure you have noticed, AC Black Flag can be looked at for inspiratio...

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    ...(the furthest sail at the end of the ship) slightly smaller than the front one. Generally aesthetic wise I'm looking for an overall brown hull colour with a white beige-coloured sail. There will not need to be any barrels or decorative items just the ship itself with maybe some cloth details hanging on it which will need to be separate from the overall model but attached so I can apply Cloth Physics. I will be available to help you throughout, my discord is: Rxzz#2646 So feel free to contact me if you're up for it. I will continuously pay you for all the progress you make at your request based on how much you think your work is, with bonuses at the end if it overall comes together nicely. As I'm sure you have noticed, AC Black Flag can be looked at for inspiratio...

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    We are creating summaries for students. We are looking for someone who can summarise lots of books and or chapters.

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    I need to develop an game engine made in phaser 3 with only 1 level Skills: fluid / metaballs and physics matterjs or liquidfun no deadline .. but the first payment is after 50% project Payment method: PayPal Budget 100$ ...

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    new black hole theory Finalizado left

    Check the mathematics and physics of this paper. The abstract Abstract (<250) 248 A correction to General Relativity called Space Energy Theory has correctly calculated the percentage of dark energy at 71.9% and the Hubble expansion constant at 71 km/sec/megaparsec. The current theory of Black Holes predicts no conventional radiation, time stops at the event horizon, and the mass of the black hole becomes infinitely dense at the centre. Many believe this is wrong! However, using a correction to general relativity, the mass of a black hole is mainly at the centre and to gives off very small radiation. In the case of the milky way black hole Sagittarius A, the central mass is calculated to have radius of about 3E-15 meters and to radiate 7E15 watts of energy. This is about 2E...

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    Hello, I am Dr. Rohit Shukla looking for NEET tutor who could record educational lecture videos(NEET Biology+Chemistry+Physics) in Powerpoint for my Ed-tech Start-up. We will provide the ready made slides of the topic which you have to read out (screen recording only without appearance in the video), and explain the concepts (editing will be done by our editor). First language of speaking: Hindi/Hinglish. English will be used as a second language in lectures. The lecture should be conceptual, comprehensive & engaging with very dynamic and active voice. No of videos:90-100(each topic length varies from 5-30 minutes) Pricing: 200/- for 10 min video (Charges will be further discussed as the project is long term and MCQ, Test series additions will be done in future) It would be gr...

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    A solid body is subjected to a force. The body disintegrates depending on the developed stress inside. Adjacent fragments can join to form bigger bodies if their velocities are similar. This is a very simple task but requires understanding.

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    I need freelancers who can create MCQs on a few chapters on the syllabus of NCERT Physics syllabus for JEE mains and JEE advanced entrance examinations. Since the syllabus is vast, I would like to offer a few chapters per freelancer. MCQs will contain questions followed by 4 options, a hint to the answer, a detailed explanation, and a topic on which MCQ is formed. Kindly note that this is not going to be used for examination. It will be used for self-study for the students. Copy-paste MCQs will not be accepted. Freelancers should be well qualified to do this task. I need all these in a specific format in Microsoft word. I pay per MCQ.

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    Here is a general outline of the project. No world design and the only graphic designs would include UI elements, everything else is just framework setup. Share your similar experience, estimated time for completing the...2021.3.13f1 (LTS) Rendering: URP Unity Assets To Use Avatar Creator Astra by Tafi Link: Character Movement Easy Character Movement 2 by Oscar Gracián Link: Backend (I am open and flexible on the solution for this portion of the project.) Microsoft Azure / Playfab CBS Cross Platform Backend Asset Link: Front End Photon Fusion

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    3D Blender Artist Finalizado left

    We are looking for an experienced 3D Blender artist to join our team. You must be experienced in the whole pipeline including - - Modelling - Animation - Texturing - Rigging - Rendering You must have experience in the following - - Soft body modelling - characters - Hard body modelling - architectural visualisations - Particle and physics for VFX - Landscape and scene design You must be both artistic and technically minded, so you can design creative visuals including characters and fantasy worlds as well as technical for accurate product, industrial and medical visualisations and explainers. NOTE: We will only review bids from individual freelancers and not companies. Do not bid if you do not have the experience as stated in the description.

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    Physics wirting Finalizado left

    Hi, need help with physics writing and calculation

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    I need a 3D model of a Malaysian Muslim girl. This model will be used in a simulation in Unity game engine. This model needs to be realistic enough to be used in a simulation. The girl will be wearing a traditional Malaysian dress called Kebaya Riau. The girl will wear hijab/scarf and the cloth and scarf will be simulated later using unity physics. Sample texture and character design will be given.

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    Physics using python Finalizado left

    Need an expert who can work on physics using python programming and expert who can also deliver the project within due deadline with quality work

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    Experienced Unity Developer? Solan Games is looking for you to develop a prototype o...Solan Games is looking for you to develop a prototype of a Space Shooter-like game for mobile, with a possibility for full-time employment. Detailed game-design-document (GDD) will be provided after initial contact. Required development experience: - Mobile 3D games in Unity - Advanced UI - Integration of 3D assets - Integration of sound and music - Rapid prototyping - Attention to details - 3D Physics or Deterministic Engine Desired development experience: - Git source control - Unity cloud build service - Space Shooters or similar - Mid-core or MMO games Other requirements: - Good Technical English (verbal and written) - Autonomous self-driven development - Can-do approach - Good communicat...

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    Here is the information i need to be put within my personal statement: - I'll be applying to University do study electrical engineering - I am a self-motivated, technically astute 17-year-old Sixth Form student, currently studying A-level Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, acknowledged throughout tenure in secondary school for a range of academic and sport achievements. I am immensely passionate for Engineering and would like to further specialise in Electrical Engineering in the future. To be more accurate, I would like to pursue in the transport industry – such as London’s underground railway (TFL) and/or an electric vehicle manufacturer such as Tesla, or in a high voltage electricity generating/distributing work environment such as The National Grid. I ...

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    ...probability aspects. However, according to many researchers, there’s a realistic way for increasing the probability of winning these draws. The project will consist of making a 3d simulator that can show step-by-step the process of drawing it from near results to reality by using physics, coding, animation, and math formulas, and exploring a new class of machine learning algorithms for control inspired by nature. PROBLEMATICS: 1- By using complex algorithms and coding to perfectly emulate a Melate lottery draw. 2- Consider all physics and variables involved in simulating for obtaining certain results in the simulation. 3- Be able to modify each variable according to user necessities. 4- Visual design 5- Able to export results into .xls formats 6- To consider aleator...

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    Hi Emily I love your love of astronomy! Are you at Cambridge Uni? I have a thesis I am working on to do with theoretical physics and the CMB. I would like you to clean it up and check it if you are interested/free at the moment Kind Regards Jon

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    I need help in getting a paper published in the Journal "Science". I have discovered a mathematically proven universal law that is the underlying principle of all of the laws of science. Several professors at major universities have reviewed my work and they think it will result in a Noble Prize in physics. My father, Dr. Alan Berman who got his PhD in physics under two Noble Prize Laureates and was the Director of the Naval Research Laboratory has said that the paper should be published. The Universal Law of Efficiency (ULE) states that all systems function most efficiently without unnecessary resistance. The ULE is unique in that it is the only universal law that has been proven with a mathematical proof. Since the ULE has been proven with a mathematical proof, ...

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    7th Class Physics Question Preparation as per requirements with 5/-Rs per MCQ charges.

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    A Senior Digital Animation Artist with experience using the Houdini Software's Dynamic Simulations is needed on a flexible freelance basis. The project entails testing and producing a short video for an exciting new Physics theory via a simulation, with the work to be carried out on a stage-by-stage contract basis. The work can be carried out entirely remotely, and the employer is an independent professional.

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    Needed Physics lecturer in Hyderabad for online classes for Bi P C student. Online classes needed. Lecturer showuld be well versed in Telangana Physics style of teaching.

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    Need a Physics/Maths Writer. Must have relevant educational background and writing experience. Payment AUD 14-16 per 1000 words or equal efforts. This is a long-term writing opportunity. Draft work before hiring could require.

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    Hi Sardar Hasnain A., do you know Capacitance, Circuits, Resistance in Electrical Physics?

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    I need freelancers who can create MCQs for JEE mains and JEE advances entrance examinations with elaborate explanations( Solution) . Every MCQ should be based on sub-topics and topics. A list of topics and sub-topics will be provided to the freelancers. Freelancers should have good knowledge of the subject. Freelancers should be in a position to spare at least 4 hours a day for this activity.I need all the content in Microsoft word files in the prescribed format.

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    We need expert/ experienced persons for curriculum design from grade 4th to grade 12th science subjects. The payout structure is flexible and subject to variation.

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    Principales artículos de la comunidad physics