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  • Contratar     moizdzo3l
Contratar     moizdzo3l

    moizdzo3l moizdzo3l

    Pakistan $35 USD / hora
    Business Writer | Content Strategist | Marketer
    Got an idea laid out or a topic selected but, it doesn't click. Somehow, your content doesn't carry the spark of lightning. That's why I want to guide you in shape and tell your story because great content starts with your philosophy and how you present yourself. My job is to help you out with seizing and grabbing the...
    Got an idea laid out or a topic selected but, it doesn't click. Somehow, your content doesn't carry the spark of lightning. That's why I want to guide you in shape and tell your story because great content starts with your philosophy and how you present yourself. My job is to help you out with seizing and grabbing the attention of the audience. Whether it’s to work on a set purpose or imagination, my copywriting and creative writing skills will make sure to convey the message lying in your mind. Let me be your neuron and bridge the gap between your expertise and your potential audience. Whether you need a polished story or assistance in brushing up on what you've already got. Even if it’s the imagined world of fiction, the real-life experiences of a memoir, a business story, a concept to be portrayed, an article, a blog, sales copy, web copy, or the hard-won lessons for a self-help book, there's some sort of story kicking around the confines of your mind. Deciding to get that story down on paper, out into the world, can be daunting. Does the thought of writing create a massive lump in your stomach? Are you hoping someone will come to your aid to help you and take your pain away magically? I possess that power you are looking for in my pen! Since childhood adopting a growth mindset has led me to grow into a purpose-driven individual. Helping and making people achieve what they want, gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction! Writing is my first love and something I have a natural aptitude for, though I am always working on improving my craft and honing my skills. I approach each and every project wholeheartedly and with diligence and eagerness as if it were my own. As a native speaker and versatile creative writer, I have a big heart, a huge imagination, and strong creative writing skills and I will write original, creative content for your project, in any style, for any format, and at a budget point that works for you. I'm not a writer that stays in one specific niche. Versatility is my specialty So if that mix of storytelling, tone, creative writing, and humor sounds like your jam, send me a message! menos
  • Contratar moizdzo3l
  • Contratar     Audreyvr
Contratar     Audreyvr

    Audreyvr Audreyvr

    New Zealand $30 USD / hora
    Copy editor / proofreader
    New Zealand
    2 comentarios 2 comentarios $30 USD por hora
    I have a B.A. in English and taught English at secondary school for four years in Auckland, New Zealand, followed by two years teaching English as a second language. My relevant work experience includes copy editing for Elsevier Science Publishers, the International Journal of Wellbeing, the New Zealand Blind...
    I have a B.A. in English and taught English at secondary school for four years in Auckland, New Zealand, followed by two years teaching English as a second language. My relevant work experience includes copy editing for Elsevier Science Publishers, the International Journal of Wellbeing, the New Zealand Blind Foundation, and the Aegis Trust. I did freelance transcription for about about 20 years. I have edited newsletters for several organizations. I am the secretary of an Auckland heritage and environmental group, for which I write numerous submissions, mostly to the local council, and also the secretary for a group of volunteers who provide services to homeless people. My training in technical writing focused on the editing of manuals, learning how to present information with clarity and succinctness. menos
  • Contratar Audreyvr
  • Contratar     eTranslators
Contratar     eTranslators

    eTranslators eTranslators

    Bangladesh $50 USD / hora
    1 comentario 1 comentario $50 USD por hora
    eTranslators offers 10 YEARS of experience in providing top-quality service, professional & effective TRANSLATION, TRANSCRIPTION, EDITING, PROOFREADING, WRITING, VOICE OVER, DUBBING, DIGITAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & MANAGMENT campaigns. Our services span over 500 languages, offering no compromise in quality; with a...
    eTranslators offers 10 YEARS of experience in providing top-quality service, professional & effective TRANSLATION, TRANSCRIPTION, EDITING, PROOFREADING, WRITING, VOICE OVER, DUBBING, DIGITAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & MANAGMENT campaigns. Our services span over 500 languages, offering no compromise in quality; with a network of over 10000 native translators, transcribers, editors, proofreaders & voice over artists & a continuously growing portfolio on www.freelancer.com. WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE eTranslators? * 100% real, human, native translators, transcribers, voice artists, proofreaders & editors * We never use any machine or AI translation, transcription, voice over, proofreading & editing * We offer quick delivery & serious with our project deadlines * We provide revision of our work without additional cost * We work to our client's satisfaction * We are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year * We offer more reasonable prices, quality and fast translations, transcriptions, voice overs, dubbing, proofreading & editing services compared to those of our competitors Check out our services today! This is decision you will not regret. eTranslators Provide High Quality services Every Single Time! Thanks! *** PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DONT WORK WITH BETTING, ADULT & RELIGIOUS CONTENTS. menos
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  • Contratar     NoelReubenMuturi
Contratar     NoelReubenMuturi

    NoelReubenMuturi NoelReubenMuturi

    Kenya $15 USD / hora
    1 comentario 1 comentario $15 USD por hora
    DATA ANALYST, ACADEMIC WRITER & MARKET RESEARCHER With over 10 years as a freelancer, working on diverse projects, and interacting with different clients, I have developed skills and competencies beyond my academic qualifications. A passion to grow led me to venture into content, article, SEO, copywriting,...
    DATA ANALYST, ACADEMIC WRITER & MARKET RESEARCHER With over 10 years as a freelancer, working on diverse projects, and interacting with different clients, I have developed skills and competencies beyond my academic qualifications. A passion to grow led me to venture into content, article, SEO, copywriting, scriptwriting… just to list some that come to mind randomly. Academically, I hold a BA in ECONOMICS, BSc. in ACCOUNTING and MA in ECONOMICS [ECONOMETRICS], which predisposes me more towards business, management, accounting, and statistics. Over the years, I have carried out numerous statistical analyses for individual and corporate clients, market researches, financial accounting, and management accounting tasks, including management and financial reports. Are you looking for a freelancer to hire? LOOK NO FURTHER: I am an experienced, dedicated, and reliable freelancer with keen attention to detail. Customer satisfaction has and will always be my ultimate goal. menos
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  • Contratar     Faithstar
Contratar     Faithstar

    Faithstar Faithstar

    India $15 USD / hora
    So it is said, So it is written
    1 comentario 1 comentario $15 USD por hora
    4th October 2013: Please see my own production (3 minute video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq8DqmK4R4I 3rd Jan 2012: I have added here my Videogame story,just an episode, just some excerpts, after a potential Buyer tried to run away not paying, saying that he is not interested. It is set in the Mythical world of...
    4th October 2013: Please see my own production (3 minute video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq8DqmK4R4I 3rd Jan 2012: I have added here my Videogame story,just an episode, just some excerpts, after a potential Buyer tried to run away not paying, saying that he is not interested. It is set in the Mythical world of fighting with monsters, Hero going on a quest, and all that. Enjoy! I just fantasized this. As if I am inside the game already, and as a Fighter (out of the 3 modes available; The fighter’s description is already given in details.), at the beginning of an episode. I am not elaborating on the first chapter, preludes and circumstances, as I am just trying to provide a sample that would match the basic story that was ALREADY given out. The trail began just outside the village. A few stones (a stone is a unit of measurement, like Mile) away from the last of the huts. When I hit the trail, I could not resist but look back to where my father was standing. Well, he was just standing there, not even waving at me. But I knew that his eyes were flowing with pure love. I could not see the tears from here, for I could see only his silhouette with the backdrop of the village. With a sigh I turned about and continued my journey down the trail and into the forest. “So, what if he is not my real father?” I could not help but think. “He saved me from becoming certain meat to the ‘Painees’, when I was just a kid. (Painees= kind of forest bad spirits/monsters) He raised me, fed me, taught me, and trained me. For all the love of God, he is my father. I am proud of him, as he is of me!” As I walked further in to the darkening forest, I thought of the mission, my father, but I know him only as my father, bade me to do. Last night, after the messenger from the Emperor had dined and rested, he took my father aside and told him about the Emperor’s misfortune. He also told about the fight he and his companions had in the forest before reaching the village. His whole group of warriors has perished in the fight. It looked as if some evil force wanted my village destroyed, especially my father and me in it. I was listening to their discussion from my bed, their faces animated in the light from the candles. The words simply fell in my ears. The messenger, Jor, seemed to be an old friend of my father and they had fought together for the Emperor. He was asking my father to come with him and help out with the mission the Emperor has bestowed on him, and the Emperor has personally asked for my father it seemed. I expected my father to accept and go, and secretly wished that he would take me with him too. But to my pleasant surprise, I could hear my father mentioning my name and asking Jor to take me instead of him. Happily I drifted off to sleep and they continued their chat, in the flickering light of the candles. Around dawn, the attack came. The Painees came in great numbers, along with their leader. This was not the first time they attacked us, and we were prepared, but this time, they came with the BM (Big Monster) of the Palace de ghoulish. The BM’s partial invisibility and the powerful ‘Mana’ attack were too much for our warriors. Jor fought like a lion. He and my father were like the twin stars up the north sky and between the three of us we killed almost all the Painees. The surviving Painees and their leader, along with the BM retreated, but not before the messenger was grievously injured by the BM. He did not die and this morning, he told us all about the BM. And the need and the way to imprison it forever in its palace. He wanted me do this Herculean task and then search, find and befriend the Crystal Swan imprisoned by the BM. Go to the Emperor and help him out. The whole day was busy preparing me for this journey. My father told me about the Emperor’s need (His missing wife etc., Note: I don’t know where this stands in the main story. This episode can be inserted at the suitable place, and the right instructions can be inserted here) and here I am. On a mission…going toward the forbidden Palace de ghoulish in the middle of the forest, shut down something to disallow an evil that would otherwise sure to come this way around this very midnight, pent upon destroying the village and me and my father in it. It was getting darker and darker. Suddenly, I thought I heard some footsteps behind me. I turned around. There was nothing. An odd sensation started to distend inside me. Is it what they call fear? I muttered hard and turned my head back to the trail. There is no stepping back now. My destiny is waiting at the end of this trail. Father himself asked me to search for glory. He himself asked me to search inside and find who I really am. And find the Hero within. All the villagers hailed him as their Hero all the time. But he always treated me as his little Hero. Would I live up to his dreams? Would I live at all? He wanted me to serve the Emperor like how he did once. But there is something he didn’t say but I wanted to pursue. The mystery of that angelic princess. Back in the village, I heard Jor murmur a few strange words about her, and though it did not make much sense, I was mesmerized even by the little something that made a little sense. As the trail led to the deep yawning forest, it was beginning to disappear in the dark. I continued. The forest began to thicken around the trail and me. The sounds of animals and birds, recognizable and unrecognizable, both kinds were throbbing out and I was actually enjoying all this. There is always this thrill mixed with the feeling that I know this and I know that kind of recognition. And the ‘I don’t know that, what could be that?’, and the thrill of a possible encounter with an animal or something that is too dangerous to meet with this sword I am carrying. The light was going down and the forest was becoming darker. I trusted the starlight, but the canopy was too thick to even allow it at that place in the forest. Then I saw a skeleton/carcass lying at the side in the bushes, a few feet away from the side of the trail. I could not identify the skeleton, but it was huge. There was a heavy sword sticking deep into it, probably what would have caused its death. It was a heavy sword, but its handle was so ornamental, I had a slight desire to go near and take it. But I decided against it. The carcass (skeleton and some body) was in the bush and around that several other small carcasses, like men and horses, were strewn, and from this distance the spot looked a bit inaccessible. It also gave a weird feeling. So, I hurried along. I have to make the next stop before the moon came up. I have never seen that dilapidated palace, but father said it was there. I remembered his saying that there will be a small cloth bag hanging from the first Maple (some kind of tree) tree. In that I’d find the stone, which will point me to the course where the dilapidated palace existed. That palace can’t be seen from a distance. It is seen only when you go near, and enter its premises. But the stone that is found in the cloth bag will point you the invisible palace’s presence with its intensity varying with the distance of proximity. After a few minutes, I found the tree, and the cloth bag hanging from it. It was almost dark everywhere, and I have to get the bag, from which, thankfully, there was a light glow in the dark. But all around the tree, it was darker. It was going to be a difficult task for me to find the way near and then up the tree. I stepped out from the trail and took a step towards the tree. Then I heard those faint but terrifyingly pliable sounds from around me. I looked up slowly and found that there were many eyes, the rest of their bodies hidden among the woods, glowing in the dark, among the wood. I unsheathed the sword, and got ready to face them, if they come out. They didn’t. Slowly I went near the tree. I could still feel all the unspeakable things looking at me, but for some unknown reason they did not come out at me. I could not understand, but thought it was some kind of luck. Then I started to climb the tree in the dark, cleverly using the light from the very mysterious lot of eyes that were staring at me. I removed the cloth bag and found the stone, and holding it in one hand, started my decent. At that very moment, a branch, a twig, something, caught at my neck and something snapped, was it a talisman I was wearing? And all hell broke loose. They came like swarms of bees. Flying, running, moving like bees on fire. Their teeth were sharp and their saliva stingy. I swung right from the top of the trees and climbed down fighting, clearing my way down the tree. Ran back to the trail, killing the teethy fairies (like you see in the Hellboy, but even uglier) some of those little minions escaped and I knew that they were going to bring their boss, but what could I do? It was a miracle that my power is still there and I might need some boost shortly. I could remember the carcass (the skeleton with the struck sword) and around that some power boosts (I am writing like this as I am in a video game) must be available. But I decided against that, I have to go to that palace before the moon rises. Why before the moon? After moon, the biggest monster of this episode, the BM of the Palace de ghoulish, begins the journey toward the village, but if I could make it inside the palace, I could stop the door from opening. Then go about finding the means to imprison the BM and then find the Crystal Swan. Yes, dear God, I could do this and I could do that, only if I could survive this very moment. I ran with all I got towards the supposed spot of the palace’s existence, aided by the magic stone in my hand. The stone blazed brighter and I know that I have neared the palace. The moon began to show and I have to find the palace and get in and shut down the door. There was a movement behind me and froze on my track. I could see the silhouette of the Leader of the Painess standing behind me. The little minions have reached him and they have brought him to me. The sword in my hand is not sufficient to deal with this leader. Now I have two options. Either I go back, find that heavy sword, drink up some boosts lying around and fight and kill this Leader. Or just find the way inside this palace, get inside, find the door and shut it. If the Leader caught me before that, even one stroke would finish me off, as I have almost nil power. Even otherwise, I don’t know what would be the kind of attack. If I go back and get the sword, I just don’t know how much time is there to the rising of the moon. (The moon has to rise fully for the great monster to come out. This is unknown to the Hero at this stage. Let it be a pleasant surprise. He was told that ‘before the moon rises’, Not exactly, ‘before the moon rises to its zenith’) Which option shall I choose? What did I do? Did I run back and got the sword? Or did I find the entrance to the palace and got inside? ********************************* 10th May 2011: Just a few lines of sample bit I came out with. This is for the bid on 'Hunting Stories'. ... it was a strenuous exercise, wading knee-deep in the snow. But that was nothing when it became thigh-deep. I started doubting my decision on bringing Heather along, as I turned to see her hip-deep in the soft snow. Shaking my head I continued in the treacherous snow. Then I heard it. I turned back my head very slowly. I could hear Heather panting behind me, nostrils fuming out lungfuls of mist. But, I heard something else too. The unmistakable hushed breathing of a hiding...(For more sample articles: see down below, down under, or at the end of this writings!) Oh, I really thought this one would be of interest to everyone. Read and smile; this is a good one, at least I consider it that way! A Provider 13 hours ago messaged me thus: A perfectionist to the core, I set tough standards for myself which makes working with me a pleasure. I usually charge more from overseas clients but since you are an Indian (and Indians are a lot more reluctant to part with their money!), I will charge you $3 per 500 word rewrite. That is to say, I can deliver you 10 rewrites for $30. Please come to me only if you want to work with the best- mediocre is just not me! Quality work within your deadlines is a promise, since I work for self-actualization. Hoping to hear from you soon. me 3 seconds ago replied thus: Hi XXXXXXXXX! Thank you for your kind and magnanimous offer of $3 per 500 words rewrite (can you believe it!). And thank you more for making that offer because I am one of the 'Indians who are a lot more reluctant to part with their money!' to you. But in Europe and in the States too, I saw no one that ready to part with his or her money. They raise hell or tase! This project is a low-margin project, dear Provider, and hence I can't afford your rates or services. But, like you said, I'd like to come to you when I get a need to work with the 'best-mediocre that is just not you'! Please tell me, how much would you charge me, if you were to write an article of about 500 words, all by yourself. (Not a rewrite) and also please tell me, how much you'd turn in per 24 hour deadline. I can definitely use your services for my high-level jobs. Thank you for the bidding.:-) Regards, Tom And now a piece of my masterpiece. (Read Chip of the old block, or whatever) If you were looking to hire some 'creative writer' for $1, this is for you. Hi Buyer! I am a creative storyteller. Let me tell you a story about a village near Rawalpindi. I don't live there, but when a person misguided me on my visit to Karachi, I happened to pass along that village, and was forced to spend a horrible night in there. 20 years have passed, yet the bizarre night lingers all the time in my wakeful state, making all my hair stand at their very ends. Abdul, my traveling guide cum companion in Karachi, told me that there was a short route to this Rawalpindi and as he was the only guy who can speak English and several local tribal languages, I chose him. He was a talkative guy and was very good in making up stories and just happened to be a great cook. He cooked up several dishes and stories, for which he put different names and I forgot the names as soon as he told them, but I could never forget the taste, or the aroma, or the characters he cut and put in them. He drove our four-wheel-drive Tourer Truck. On that way to Rawalpindi, it was a sunny day I could clearly remember now. The day passed along pleasantly as we drove past a few dry villages. Abdul was cooking up a new story, something similar to what I used to hear around Transylvania. Vampires and Werewolves galore, but they were all speaking in Abdul's language. I tried to become frightened but I couldn't, for I found the scenery outside just did not go well with the story. The bright sun tried to settle down westward. When it was getting darker by the mile, Abdul told me that driving in the dark highway was too risky, and suggested that we spend the night in a village that just came up on the drive. We parked the Tourer, and he made arrangements for preparing the dinner. A couple of villagers came there out of curiosity and Abdul spoke something with them and gave them some money, and in less than an hour, they returned with a freshly skinned carcass of a lamb. Some fresh meat! I asked the villagers to stay for the dinner, which they gladly agreed. During dinner, they seemed to like it a lot, they commented that it was damn good and probably have us for their next dinner soon. The way they looked at me, with a slight hint of saliva dripping from their mutton-munching mouths, well, it made me think about something I dare not think about, but I took it as a nice comment and a compliment. After dinner, they bade goodnight but did not praise the God with peace to all, and disappeared in the night countryside. That puzzled me a little, but I did not give it another thought at that time. Abdul and me, pulled out the camp-cots from the Tourer, put them out in the open, and tried to sleep with the stars. I should say that the stars that night, were so bright and they were ruling the sky in the absence of the Moon. Was it a New Moon night? I was enjoying the cool breeze and the chatter of unknown dialects in a far far away place, and without realizing it I went into a deep sleep. Suddenly, I woke up and found myself inside the rattling and racing Tourer Truck. Abdul was driving and as I looked at him, he stared back at me like a mad man, full of fright. His whole body was covered in blood. I looked back through the rear view mirror and could vaguely make out a few figures that were chasing us! And they all looked like wolves and as I looked closer, they looked more like the men who had dinner with us and who indicated last night that they would have us for their return dinner soon! Men running after us, in all their fours! Dear Buyer, till this date I just could not find out, who or what they were. If you happened to select a guy for your project, at this cheap rate of $1 per Article or a story of 500 words, maybe you would get a guy from that place. Please let me know. I would like to ask him what was wrong with that village. Maybe you would get that guy Abdul too, that misguided guide. All the best. ************************************************************************************************* A potential Buyer asked me to send a sample, made to order, and I made up a storyline in half an hour, which almost got me the project, but someone else sent something else that attracted the Buyer somehow. So, I put the sample here for everyone to enjoy. Doesn't this look good (minus the proofreading)? That evening when mom returned home, she told him the good news. Ricardo is number one on the waiting list and he is getting a working dog companion anytime soon. After dinner, Ricardo sat at his desktop and started working on the software he has been developing along with his friends, Juno (9) Jeffrey (10) and Heather (14). Heather’s dad is a level one programmer in a major software firm, and he helps and encourages her and her friends, in this kind of activity, as he could spot the required talent in his daughter and her friends, especially Ricardo. Ricardo, surprisingly for his age, is fluent with CAD and overall engineering design. While, all of them get busy online, developing their software. Ricardo shares the good news with his friends, and promises them that the companion dog would be an addition to their gang. Soon afterwards, his mom reminds him that it is bedtime, and Ricardo goes to sleep. In his dream: Ricardo is taken to a park for fresh air and a bit of outdoor activity. This is a routine in his life, the park just a few blocks away from his home. Usually he goes and comes back alone, sometimes wheel-chaired walked by his friends. His friends join him there, mostly. They play some games, the park designed perfectly for these kinds of activities. (Smooth lawns, paths, all-round fence etc.) He misses the ball once and it jumps to go away, near a tree that was almost at the fence. He goes to collect the ball (Note: 99% of the time, Ricardo will be on the wheelchair, right?) alone. Near the tree, at the bottom, near the solid heavy root tops that were showing up a bit, there he finds the ball. But he sees a grownup pup too (Not exactly a grownup dog). The pup yaps at him, as it is caught in a trap/crevice like portion of the heavy roots. Ricardo could retrieve the ball and go, but he wants to do something for the puppy. He calls out for his friends, (He knows his limitations and never tries anything stupid. Always utilizes his good friends’ help if it is available around. For, he never puts anyone in trouble, especially his mom. Adventurous is he, but not stupid) and he goes near the pup in his wheelchair and tries to pick her up clear of the root’s gap. Then he notices this dark hole, partially covered by the dry leaves and plants refuse. As he could not reach clearly from the wheelchair, he fumbles a bit. Somehow, the pup in its excitement to get out, something happens at that moment and the pup is freed but falls near the black hole and hangs by a small grip with its front paws. Ricardo notices that the black hole is actually a yawning, and there is this big darker interior with looks of a bottomless cavity on earth. The ball is in a safe distance. But the pup is not. It is hanging by a thread (something like that) Ricardo looks for his friend, they were coming, but he could not see them, or the emergency did not allow him to wait for them. He climbs down from his wheelchair and dives and catches the pup in good-time. Alas, the ground was not exactly solid, and dry leaves slip further and Ricardo slides down the yawning along with the pup and disappears. (Later his friends find the ball. But no Ricardo. Heather snaps open her cell phone and contacts her dad and so on…) Inside the Dark Yawning: (I’ll make this in short form. If you are interested, I’ll put the story in detail) it was so dark that at first Ricardo could not see anything. He always carries a cell phone with an LED torch. The cell phone is a PDA sort of thing. He could not get the coverage inside. But he uses the torch and finds him in a cave like space. (Not the star-space) space= place. He was getting a bit afraid. Looks up and the light from above shows him the entry. But it was evening and the light fades out. The pup finds a small way leading onto the other side and yaps, and he crawls towards the pup. This way, they both come out and there is this medieval village like thing. (If we are putting the story in England, it is a medieval village, if in the States, then it shall be gold hunt West, with Apache and all that. This place and the time can be discussed later) He is taken to the head of the town/village, carried by a well-muscled man, like, over his shoulder. That town is ruled by a bad man. Ricardo was suspected as a spy. But good people, (rebels) free him and take him to their hideout. Later on, they make him a wheelchair. He designs it and they make it. Excellent carpenters, smiths and tradesmen. Sometimes he is helped onto the horse. He does horse riding too sometimes, if you are all okay with it. He helps them with his cleverness and intelligence, invents a few equipments (with the kind of material available at that period of time), involves physically sometimes in the action too, helps the people overthrow the tyrant. They want to make him the King, the leader, but in the climax, at the crowning function, the mean bad man plots to kill him with the help of a traitor (traitor among the rebels), but his friends (Heather and the gang) joins him in a surprise episode) and all becomes okay, and he comes out to the present world. His working with the rebels would form the basics of his episodes of adventures. Note: This is just a storyline, I thought of. Just came up with it in a matter of few minutes. It needs plenty of discussion with you, I know. But, I think this would give you an idea of my capacity. I hope to involve myself in your venture. Yours is a fine activity. It is a good cause. And I always like to be a part of such activity. After a few days, they replied: Message: Hi, Thank you for bid on this project. Unfortunately at this time we decide to go with another writer. It was a very hard decision on our part but their storyline seem to fit our goal a little better. I am sorry, if we didn't provide appropriate details on our part but we were uncertain to what we really wanted until we got to read some of your story ideas. We will keep your contact information is (sic) our database for future work as we always enjoy seeing other people passion come alive. We wish you the best and will be in touch in the future. Regards. XXXXXX Hmm, I hope I shall hear from them again. ************************************************ This reply is to a Buyer who wanted some samples for deciding on my Mythology writing capacity: Hi! How are you? As a professional, I am free to write a sample for you anytime! I don't expect you to pay for that, so I could do that only when I am done with the projects in hand. That, I guess, would take about 10 days. How big a sample you need? Would you please tell me the financial aspects of this project? Sure, a writer at his golden heart, doesn't look for the dollars he maketh, but the stomach waits to hear the silver on the palm. (wow, isn't that awesome! I just made it up!!) Regards, Faithstar ************************************************************************************ I also have this as a sample. This is an article that impressed a buyer who was ready to pay $4 for writing similar articles for him. The funny thing here is, people always take writers from India, as cheap crappers (Sh******) expecting them to work at (as low as) $1 an article of 500 words. And many good Indians, who have great potential, succumb to this as they badly need that money, work their as**** off. That is the pangs of hunger, I believe. Anyways, God always provide food for me, even if the lion cubs go hungry, and I have a few good Buyers who always value good and sincere works. These nice guys pay me well. They pay everyone well. OK, lot of talking! Here is that sample article: The Future of the Internet The Net, when it was cast in the Eighties, was not imagined to be what it is today. Maybe only in the Nineties, some IT wizards would have foreseen the present scenario of the, (let me be the first to say this for the first decade of the 21st century) Tens. The Internet’s imposing strides into the hand-held devices arena was no doubt made possible by the advancement of technology in the areas of microprocessors and memory chips. The unimagined developments in the areas of wireless communication like 3G, Wi-Max and WAN/WAFS platforms only hastened that spread. If so much could happen in so little time, there is a need for something like a Moore’s Law here, in the development forecast of the Internet. Apple, the trendsetter all the time, is rumored to be bringing out a pocket book sized PDA, called ‘Net Diary’, which would be featuring the mini Quad core processor from Intel. This would be an all-in-one, all the applications you could run on the most advanced desktop and mobile phone of today with hyper band speed. Along with all these functionality, the No-Swipe RFID technology is going in for a quantum leap into this Net Diary to make us forget our wallets always at home. Terminals of the future will have access points capable of reading your Net Diary, provided you give your authorization of course, and the bills are seen, approved and paid. All these are done at the press of your thumb identification or your retinal signature or both, on your Net-Diary. Classrooms of tomorrow will have Internet in a big way, the advancement in Interactive whiteboard Technology of the NCIF and other leaders are making that possible in the very near future. Though one may not promise the students that they need not come to the class at all, teachers can confidently tell their wards that all the work the student does, need not be limited to the classroom, and the classroom shall be one among the many links the students uses as a place of learning. All the activities of a student are processed wherever he/she is, or wherever he/she does it, as one can never say when he/she would get into the mood for doing what. The teachers can lend a real supportive role, whenever the student wants their guidance. Whenever the student feels like it, and definitely not before. At the home front, especially in the kitchen, the Whirlpool refrigerators and washing machines are planning a new strategy for the future Internet invasion. Coupled with the induction and microwave cooking range and the OLED superimpose screen, not only the food stock is kept at a healthy level, sharing of the secret recipes or buying one from your favorite Chef and doing it yourself are also going to happen. Soap operas and the favorite programs are never missed, as the convergence of Image-Delivery Server Appliances with the high-performance image-rendering engine and cache system of the IP receiver screen, shall show you what is happening, wherever it is happening. Whatever you do and wherever you are, as long as you want to see, hear and know for sure. ******************************************************************************************************** I have sent this letter to a prospect. Do you find it interesting as I do? 'Hi Professor! I am an eastern philosopher with a good writing style. At least that’s what I’d like to believe! In the beginning, many readers of mine often commented that they just loved it and were spellbound while doing it, but later realized that there was ‘nothing’ in it. In other words, they have suggested that, though my writing skills were simply fascinating, the substance was never there. But, I take it as a compliment. I can make a non-substance into an interesting read. I always take the positive aspects of things. Okay. Let’s come to our Project. I understand that you are a peace loving Korean, maybe aiming for the Noble Peace Prize, and good luck with that, who wants all his flowing thoughts converted into a perfect written form. Writing about peace is not so interesting as writing about war. I know. But, I can do the impossible. I can organize all the materials in your possession, get more if that is needed, synchronize with your thoughts and style, bring out interesting books and articles. I have good experience in this, and also in the area of Book publishing. It is needless to say that, I’m the one you are looking for all these days. But, I have certain questions to ask and be clarified. Or enlightened. I know that you would find me irresistible, unless you found someone more attractive and cheaper, but please tell me why you got 5 out of 10, from Andrea (a provider you employed earlier). Are you difficult to work with? Anyway, let us do this, as a job interview. You know, these days both parties take the job interview seriously. Both have to try and impress the other. And as for the remuneration, please have an open mind. Talent like this does not come at $5 an article. More work means more work. Do you think, because it is bulk, it can be done cheaply? No offense Sir, but only photocopying is done that way! Please reply. Hope we help each other, two peace-loving philosophers. Both in need of what each other has got. You need my writing and organizational skills. I need your… money! Regards, Faithstar *********************************************************************************************************** I have this (sample) short one for a spa and health resort : " Get your body immersed in the hygienic Infrared Sauna while you sip on fresh, energetic, mineral rich, dietary coconut water straight from an artistically opened and decorated coconut. There will be a Coffee-Scrub waiting for you nearby, with its great massage and pain free treatment for things like Cellulite, and wrinkles. And enjoy its soothing strokes for the stressed out muscles and joints and ease them all the way. A tender Pre-natal massage is available along with unique body wraps by professional hands that take extra care in ensuring a blissful relaxation. The special couple-suite that is available for you and your sweetheart shall ensure a quiet bliss that is all yours for the taking. The delicious and lovely spa is included in this heavenly suite along with all the special services you need, so you can enjoy a great time together. Just lay side by side each other, close your eyes and let go. For the perfect gift to your loved ones and the hard working you, please check out these websites for attractive special packages. You can sure make up on all those missed-out times and presents." *********************************************************************************************************** There is a short article (about 300 words) written 'in situ' as a sample. This sample has got me a project. But I want to improve on this: Pet Foods We take care of our pets like we take care of our children. We provide them with warmth and affection and also see to it that they get the best food available. While making sure that we provide them with the best food, it is also important that we become aware of what goes inside, in the preparation of pet foods. When it comes to food, pets have their own likes and dislikes. And they have allergies toward certain foodstuff too. When we visit the vet, apart from consulting him about our pets’ health, we should also inquire about our pet’s allergies and things that might affect their health and mood. According to Federal laws, it is mandatory to print the list of ingredients on the outside of the container or carton in which the pet food is packed and sold. When buying the pet food, it is always a good idea to check and verify the contents, from that printed list which should mention all the ingredients. We must also take note that, the best-advertised pet food need not be the best food for our pet. If we are that impressed with the advertisement and if we really want to try a new pet food, we should first consult our vet. And when we introduce that food for the first time, it will be better to try with a very small quantity, wait for any abnormality or untoward reaction, and then slowly go about providing that food on a regular basis. If we really care about our pets, we should take more responsibility about selecting the best pet food for them. Better than what we select for our own consumption. ********************************************************************************************************************* Earlier in my profile, I was a bit harsh about Buyers who pay less and demand more from poor Easterners. A word about those Buyers. Many of them are Indians! Ah, this may not go well with some of my Indian patrons, make me lose some of my Indian Buyers, but what the heck, I get my food and there is always this kind Buyer from Europe or the US or from Down under, where I lived. I was educated and worked for some time in all those countries. Still go there, spend some time with friends, and there is this great book I am working on... ************************************************************************************ I thought of 'pasting' here some of my intro messages. After all they give some impression about me, right? First impressions! ************************************ Title: Create a beautiful cover for your book. "Now that you have your book, all edited and proofread, it’s time to go for a suitable cover. A cover that suits fine. You might have heard many people cry, “A book is not judged by its cover”, but just close your ears and ignore them. Any book is indeed evaluated by its cover. This is especially true, if it’s by a new author. There is a proverb. Clothes make men. Well, clothes make women too. But, the cover for a book is like a suit for a man. In any important gathering, even a handsome guy needs a good and perfect looking suit. Let your book be on the best subject and written well in the juicy style that flows like honeyed morning dews in to a mountain stream. But if it’s not encased in a well-designed cover, it does not attract any reader bee." Dear (Name withdrawn)! I can continue to write like above. But, I am sure that by now, you already have a taste of me. My articles can be rewritten many times. But, it is the originality of my writing that I care, and expect to be praised upon. Please award me this project. I'll give you the best articles, all original and highly creative. Ten 300 to 400 worded articles on the titles already provided: $30. Done! ********************************************* Hi M*(name Withdrawn)! Your Project is really enticing. It calls for people with a creative flow, guys with an expressive outlook, researchers who love to dig in deeper, persons who comprehend first-speak later, and the likes. It's an exciting challenge on the writer, as this kind of articles require a thorough research before typing the topic’s heading, but it’s really easy on the mind as the fingers could just fly over the keyboard. And before you knew it, the article is ready for proofreading! It goes without saying that I'll give my right hand to be in your team, but would you be interested in a one handed writer? Please reply. ********************************************* Hiya The writer of ***Name withdrawn***! I invite you to take a look at my profile. It's blog like. I have done a few books myself, helped budding authors in completing their dreams, have good experience with publishers like LULU, Amazon etc. I am good in fantasy writing and graphics as well. Sometimes the cover of the book requires an illustration; sometimes the book itself needs illustrations inside. I do them. I can describe the scene in such a way that the reader loses the contact with the real world and slips into the one that is created by the writer. I suggest that your book should be designed, I mean the overall works, (the cover, the pages, the font, the style, the flow, all...) should be in such a way that the reader no longer remains a reader but a live participant in that fantasy world. We have to work on several things like the target audience and their likes and dislikes, the scope for attracting movie-makers, (You'll never know, Mate!) and the chance to see the continuance of the characters. The last thing is always there in your mind, I believe, for you have mentioned about 3 parts. (Sequels?) As for the revisions, we call it drafts, it is the nastiest part of the deal for any ghostwriter AND the author. Trust me, I'd been there. What I can offer you, as a professional is, two revisions. One first draft, One second revised draft, and the final one before the page setting. It will be the two revisions I offer. The revisions should not be more than 10% in deviations. This is a hard part, but we can come to some understanding as the work progresses. Don’t worry; I always would like to remain in talking terms! The second draft and the final draft will be the two revisions I offer. After the page settings, I can offer one more revision at 10% of the agreed cost of the drafts preparation. Well, these things can be worked out later, this cost, fees and all that. My idea is to help you out in the transfer of all the visualizations that happen in your brain Down under, down to the keyboard and the monitor here and finally to the printed book at the readers’ hands. Hire me Mate. In my fantasy world, everything that happens is as real as your dreams and everybody you come across would make your real world as real as your nightmares*! (I have the copyright for the last line) ************************************************* to be continued... Ah, I wrote a short article on Leonardo Da Vinci as a sample. In just an hour. An urgent sample it was, but failed to get the job. So, here it is; for the benefit of my prospective Buyers! Leonardo Da Vinci The most talked about name of the Renaissance period, would surely be that of Leonardo. Born extramarital to a 25-year old notary, Ser Piero, and a beautiful teenage peasant girl Caterina on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, just outside Florence, Leo was brought up entirely by his father, as his mother married and moved off to another town. Young Leo had access to plenty of scholarly texts, Vinci’s famous painting tradition, and his father’s love and care along with his, as many as 17, half siblings. Proud of watching Leo’s capacity as a child painter, his father thought of providing him with what he thought as best and put the 15 year old onto Senor Andrea del Verrochio in Florence, the famous painter of ‘Baptism Of Christ’. He apprenticed there from 1470 to 1475 and stayed there till 1477 after which he got is own shingle. During his apprenticeship, many of his strokes were allowed and added brilliance to his master Verrachio’s. Legend has it that Verrachio resolved never to paint again after seeing the angel painted by Leo looked so much alive in his ‘Baptism Of Christ’. Leonardo did ‘The Adoration of the Magi’, in Florence, but in 1482, he left for Milan, in search of money and fame. The duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza patronized Leo till 1499, his last days in power. Under the Duke’s patronage he made several scientific and artistic achievements. This included the human anatomy, advanced weapons like the helicopter, submarine, tank, missile throwers, and also the advanced designs of municipal layouts, canals and architecture of various buildings of both worship and war. He had many students and apprentices for whom he was like a patronizing angel, but they all treated him like god. The only downside of his being multifaceted was that he did not complete some of his works, for example, ‘The Horse’. After the French occupation of Milan, he worked for Monsieur Borgia's army as a military engineer and designed a bridge to span the legend Golden Horn, in Constantinople. Gaining Niccolo Machiavelli’s patronage, he was commissioned for the painting, ‘The Battle of Anghiari’. And in 1503, he started the ‘Mona Lisa’. Tragedy fell on Leo on July 9, 1504, as his loving Father left this world. As with the nature of men and money, his half siblings deprived him of any inheritance. Even the fortunes of a beloved uncle of him too were to be tied up like this. But in the end, Leo could manage gaining control over his late uncle’s assets. He worked for the Pope from 1513 to 1516 at Rome. Francis I, the king of France, offered him the title of Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect. Leonardo was affected by paralysis late in his life and his right hand was put out, yet he maintained his artistic strokes with his left hand. His head cradled by the King himself, Leonardo died on May 2, 1519 in Cloux, France. ********************************************************** To be continued... This is a sample I came up with, for a Buyer. I sincerely don't know why I took the trouble of writing and sending this sample, when intuitively I knew that the Buyer wouldn't go for me. His projects were like that...asking samples from individual Providers and all, not a review to his credit and so on, anyway, here is another to add to my collection. This is a BMR post. The flat irons for hair straightening are usually called as ‘Straighteners’, and they are in use since a long time. The nobles of France and other European countries seemed to have used them, though the curly hair was the fashion of those days. In this straightening procedure, the hydrogen bonds of the hair, which make it bend and curl, are broken down to prevent the hair returning to its natural form. There are two more types of hair irons, used by beauticians and hairstylists; Curling irons, the irons used to make the hair curly, and the Crimping irons, which are used for crimping the hair to the desired length. In some parts of the world, the hair irons are called as hair tongs, and these are actually tools used with the application of heat to modify the structure of one’s hair. Though almost all irons are operated with electric power these days, there are certain cordless models, which use Butane for the heating. ************************************************* A sample I made out for a prospect, but strangely I haven't heard from him so far, and the project was frozen, and remains in that suspended animation for many months since. Thought I could put it down over here, and let others enjoy my labor. (This is made out for the UK English audience) ((( Sustaining Forestry Forest was the home of our ancestors. Our ancestors were experts in the art of sustaining the forests, not only because it was their home, but also because of their understanding of the world they lived in, that what they derive from something, they have to return the same. They lived in the forest happily because of this art of sustaining. Gradually, they started identifying the treasures hidden inside of these forests, by God the great Creator. They began using them, enjoying them, but never considered taking more than what they could enjoy. But, later generations started exploiting the treasures. This was because of their ignorance and uncontrollable greed. The Global Warming, and many other environmental problems are the after-effects of that destruction. It was all a green forest all through those glorious years. But as greed gave way to peaceful co-existence, the green forest began to shrink. It is proved that the shrinking of the green area is now a real danger to Life on Earth. We were dependent of the forest in the past and we are now at every moment of our life. We might live in the concrete jungle today and eat artificially manufactured food, but the oxygen we need to breathe is the gift of trees. The food we eat, the dress we wear, and the homes we stay are all connected with the forest one way or another. The pleasure that the wood can give is incomparable, but the relevance of sustaining forestry starts here. The inheritance of these forests by the coming generation is important. We cannot build a forest in a person’s lifetime. The protection of the forest that exists today is what we can promise tomorrow for our children, and it is this protection that we should ensure and work to make it right, right now. In U.K, there is an organisation called as the Forestry Commission to protect forests. It is a non-ministerial government department, which is responsible for all such matters, like growth and protection of British forest and woodlands. (*Ref A) Even if you want to green your home they will help you. The name of that wing is Greener DIY. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will assist the citizens in improving their agricultural activities everywhere, even if it is only in their gardens. The United Kingdom is concerned about both local and international forest protection. The sustaining of the forestry actually helps to achieve sustainable development in the UK. The development of a country depends on its social progress, the safeguarding and the sensible use of its natural resources, and the maintenance of a stable level of economic growth and employment. We must make sure in our character that all the existing forests remain here for our children and grand children. If we are talking about children inheriting certain things from the parents, this character too should be included in the things that are inherited. In our modern life situation, sustaining something is a great challenge, and sustaining the forestry is still more difficult. We need townships to dwell. We need roads to travel. We need factories, space centres, and many more to live, thrive and reach the skies. We know very well that through the trees we get the oxygen that we breathe, and for all of our necessities we are compelled to cut those trees. Then we forget the fact that controlling the destruction of forest is a very important responsibility of all human beings. A recent study reveals that we have destroyed nearly a hundred thousand square miles of forests last year. (*Ref B:) This is more or less the size of England. This year it might be more than that. Protection of the existing forests is equally important as the expansion with new forests. We can get our inspiration from people like the Green Peace movement. They contribute very much in this constructive mission. Each one of us has responsibility to support people like them. Social awareness can make wonders. Schoolteachers can encourage their students to plant at least a tree once every year. Media can also help a lot in this mission. Print media and electronic media can promote an environmental friendly life. And finally, we come to the important matter of the century. It is the level of hydrocarbon burning and the resulting residues in the atmosphere. Carbon emission on the whole, is increasing every year. Only trees can save us from this carbon epidemic. The climate change, the quality and quantity of rain and snow in the country, the health and wealth of the people, all these are directly or indirectly controlled by the woods. Woods are lovely. Let them be there. References: www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/ www.confor.org.uk/ wwf.org.uk/wwf_articles.cfm?unewsid=4546www.creevalley.com/documents/21-30.pdf www.amazon.co.uk/ www.forestaction.org/ www.goforwood.info/en/news.php?id=555 Recommended for further reading: Managing forests for white-tailed eagles. Experience autumn. View the changing colours of autumn in your local forest. Forest Xplorer; Iphone app. Locate your nearest Forestry Commission woodland and quickly find out what you can do, see and discover. Climate Change. Why trees are so important in the battle against climate change. *Ref A: http://www.google.co.in/imgres?q=forestry+commission+uk&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=AhE&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&biw=1024&bih=654&tbm=isch&tbnid=zC589w3z6yhXAM:&imgrefurl=http://m.obilesites.com/blog/uk-forestry-commission-launches-free-ios-app/&docid=C5l3QMgr3UNosM&w=300&h=200&ei=vS6PToTlO4e8rAfB0Y2YAQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=720&vpy=273&dur=5523&hovh=160&hovw=240&tx=166&ty=116&page=2&tbnh=134&tbnw=166&start=12&ndsp=15&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:12 *Ref B: http://www.green-works.co.uk/data/images/What_we_do/deforestation.JPG ))) ********************************************************************************** menos
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    A creative artist based in India having done BA in Media and Communications, mastering in Visual Communications and a degree in 3D Modelling and Animation. Along with B.Arch in Architecture and holding experience of working as an interior designer. Well experienced with software related to Photo retouching, editing,...
    A creative artist based in India having done BA in Media and Communications, mastering in Visual Communications and a degree in 3D Modelling and Animation. Along with B.Arch in Architecture and holding experience of working as an interior designer. Well experienced with software related to Photo retouching, editing, graphic designing, CAD etc. An efficient, straightforward, and on time worker. Good at: Editing of Photos - Removing backgrounds, Adding images to photos, color changing, Retouching, or anything related to editing. Architecture/Interior Design: Experienced architect and interior designer. Rotoscopy artist Video Editing - (In Premiere Pro and After Effects) Basic editing of videos, compiling videos, adding sound, subtitiles, removing selected parts of the video as per the client's requirements. Designing - Invitations, Greeting cards, Posters, Banners, Book Covers, etc. 3D - modeling and texturing of objects in Maya/3DS Max. Any typing job - copy typing, converting pdf to doc, editing doc/pdf files - 80 WPM typing speed. menos
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    I am well versed in copywriting, copy and paste jobs. I believe am qualified for my skills and will provide quality work. Content and article writing are also among my strengths including doing research which is among my many passions and interest. Looking forward to working with you.
    I am well versed in copywriting, copy and paste jobs. I believe am qualified for my skills and will provide quality work. Content and article writing are also among my strengths including doing research which is among my many passions and interest. Looking forward to working with you. menos
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    A dominant Harvard Grad who is simultaneously being integrated into the diverse business consciousness with an in-depth understanding of how to scale operations for best results, I am skilled at guiding people and businesses, and developing processes to ignite growth within an organization for the funding, expanding,...
    A dominant Harvard Grad who is simultaneously being integrated into the diverse business consciousness with an in-depth understanding of how to scale operations for best results, I am skilled at guiding people and businesses, and developing processes to ignite growth within an organization for the funding, expanding, and maximizing profits. Whether you need your idea to be analyzed that how feasible it is, your firm to be formed or registered, multiply your revenues through a new marketing approach, expand in new markets through successful strategies, or revive from de-growth by competing with the industry giants, my professional attitude and services are available to assist you in achieving the goals. Better to be called a Business Consultant, I'm here to help you discover the answers on how to improve your Business Processes, Blueprint, Margins, Efficiency, and even Customer Satisfaction. Whether an Advisory Project or Implementation Project, I am capable of managing all the phases starting from the Preparation, Information Gathering, Data Analysis, till the deliverable of information for all the stakeholders involved. I revel in facilitating collaboration and contributing to the overall performance of each, such as Creatrox.com, as I assisted them from soup to nuts now it became a brand & generating great revenues annually. As a market analyst, I have assessed details like the economic, employment, educational, and even the ecological health of the area. I have examined local social, technology, and political issues, and determined whether those factors match your personal and financial goals and preferences. I don’t settle for anything less than your very best, so connect with me! menos
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    Seorang mahasiswi aktif S1 Ilmu Hukum di Universitas Brawijaya, lahir di Yogyakarta pada tanggal 3 September 2003. Memiliki pengalaman organisasi pada bidang jurnalistik sebagai Tim Publikasi, Dekorasi, dan Dokumentasi. Terampil dalam mendesign sosial media, logo, poster, infografis, dan sebagainya.
    Seorang mahasiswi aktif S1 Ilmu Hukum di Universitas Brawijaya, lahir di Yogyakarta pada tanggal 3 September 2003. Memiliki pengalaman organisasi pada bidang jurnalistik sebagai Tim Publikasi, Dekorasi, dan Dokumentasi. Terampil dalam mendesign sosial media, logo, poster, infografis, dan sebagainya. menos
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    Sejak SMP saya sudah mulai menekuni dunia menulis. Dan menjadi penulis adalah salah satu impian saya. Saya menghargai setiap proses dalam hidup saya yang berkaitan dengan keahlian ini. Mulai dari diberikan kesempatan untuk menulis artikel pada majalah dinding sekolah. Hingga kepercayaan teman sekelompok hingga sekelas...
    Sejak SMP saya sudah mulai menekuni dunia menulis. Dan menjadi penulis adalah salah satu impian saya. Saya menghargai setiap proses dalam hidup saya yang berkaitan dengan keahlian ini. Mulai dari diberikan kesempatan untuk menulis artikel pada majalah dinding sekolah. Hingga kepercayaan teman sekelompok hingga sekelas yang memercayai saya untuk menulis naskah tugas sekolah yang berkaitan dengan pentas drama ataupun musikalisasi. Sedangkan dalam dunia kerja profesional, kegiatan menulis tetap menjadi bagian, meskipun tittle 'copywriter' tidak selalu jadi jabatan. Di tahun 2015 - 2017 saya pernah menjadi travel writer yang bekerja sama dengan PT Dwidaya Tour untuk menulis artikel seputar pariwisata kota Bogor. Di tahun 2017 - 2018 saya pernah bekerja sebagai guru untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia tingkat Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP). Setahun berselang, saya bekerja secara individu dengan teman saya yang seorang penulis buku sebagai Personal Assistant-nya, yang beberapa tugasnya berhubungan dengan kepenulisan. Meskipun dua tahun belakangan saya sempat vakum karena hamil, melahirkan, dan mengurus anak. Sesekali saya tetap menulis untuk akun instagram pribadi saya @saidahumaira. Silakan mampir jika berkenan mengenal saya lebih dekat sebelum bekerjasama. Terima kasih sudah bersedia membaca hingga paragraf ini. Semoga sehat selalu :) menos
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