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Need a logo designed for our Online Wine and Spirit Delivery Service. The logo must be clean-looking. Name: Monsieur Wine Tagline: Bringing you the world's finest wines wherever you ...

183 $30 USD Apr 12, 2021 1 día, 19 horas Publica un concurso similar

Design art work for our Whisky & Red wine smoking chip bags. Use BBQ, fire, charcoal etc as influence. Must include our Logo's be eye catching and professional. Stand out on shelf at de...

15 $100 AUD Apr 12, 2021 1 día, 18 horas Publica un concurso similar

Business Name : Muny’s Baked Treehouse Color Scheme: open to any colors Summary : Cannabis Edible Arraignments HERE'S A SAMPLE OF A CARTOON LOGO I LIKE BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXACT...

28 $150 USD Apr 12, 2021 5 días, 15 horas Publica un concurso similar

design completely new futuristic app for shop selling furniture's worldwide. don't do standard shopping app interface. it must have complete new experience of shopping new Interface th...

33 $100 USD Apr 9, 2021 2 días, 17 horas Publica un concurso similar

I need custom-designed web elements to go next to headings and content for a digital agency. The web elements must be relevant to the content. I will include three pieces of content, to...

34 $254 AUD Apr 9, 2021 3 horas, 14 minutos Publica un concurso similar

We are looking to rebrand our current product. We would like to possibly change the log itself and also change the branding image on the label which will cross over to the website and l...

91 $200 USD Apr 8, 2021 1 día, 13 horas Publica un concurso similar

We are a California based startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence applied to 3D characters to create photorealistic faces that speak and react so well they are indistinguishable...

8 $500 USD Apr 5, 2021 1 día, 12 horas Publica un concurso similar

I have a website that provides 'photo editing services. I don't like my current logo at all. So, I'm looking for a very beautiful and elegant logo for my website. Logo can be with font ...

215 $25 USD Apr 3, 2021 2 semanas, 5 días Publica un concurso similar